Tovek: The wave-runner

Strange feelings began to erupt from my chest, feelings that for an instance threatened to overcome my overwhelming grief, I wasn't in a talkative mood, part of me wanted to cry, part of me wanted to kiss her, but I had to restrain myself, look controlled.
She lay on the floor beneath me, she was looking at me in "that" way, but I dismissed it, she wouldn't be interested in me, who would, this strange green boy who rode a strange big bird, it was just the girl Elena stirring things up. I stood up, took her by the hand, pulling her up.
She accidentally fell on me, and looked at me in that strange way again, I smiled and she did too, there was a faint scent of some exotic flower.
"I think it's time I buried her," Pixel just nodded and plaited her fingers through mine, leading me out of the hut and towards my Harpy, my Ava.
"So er, how do we dig a hole, I don't have a spade," I scratched my head.
"Good point, maybe we can..." I closed my eyes tight.
"Burn her?" Pixel suggested tentatively. Knowing she was just ashes in the wind, never achieving a physical form, always gone, it was too much. Ashes in the wind, it sounded right.
"Oh my goodness," she cried, before I knew it I felt lips on my own, I opened my eyes and nearly doubled over at the pain in my chest, "Is something wrong? did I not do it right? I haven't done it in a while you know?" she looked truly distraught, like she'd done something wrong.
"No... I, I've never felt like this, my heart, it feels-"
There was a large crash in the distance, A huge scream that resonated in the air, piercing my skull, the sounds of wretching and gagging and unearthly screetching. Pixel and I looked at each other, troubled. She went into her hut, grabbed her knife and ran straight towards the noise, I followed, bow in hand.
The bay was surrounded by cliffs, in one cliff was a cave and a gap between the cliffs was filled with a huge whirlpool that seemed to be slowing down. I felt a presence nearby.
"Elena stay out of this!" Pixel cried.
"Be afraid!" she suddenly appeared before us, her hair blowing wildly, her pretty blue eyes turned black, "for he is coming, the end, the destroyer, he will sink this island and all who inhabit it into Atlantis!" Elena made a wretching sound and crumpled to the ground, "maybe my day wont be so great after all," she moaned, gasping for air.
There was one final scream from the whirlpool and then silence.
A moment passed.
A man, strong and wearing a tunic heaved himself onto the shore. Pixel ran over to help him, she stroked his long blonde hair across his face behind his ears and said something. A second tear ripped at my heart as she grabbed his arms and picked him up.
"All my Gods!" he exclaimed, "And what are you, a Water Nymph or summat?" he shrugged her off.
"NO!" she hissed, hands on hips.
"Oh," he smiled and looked her up and down, "Dude, feisty and pretty too," he laughed and made a gesture at the sea like pulling a rope. The wooden board appeared.
"Who do you think you are?" Pixel sneered.
"My wave got caught in old Stellas fat gob, I grabbed Keris' snake before it could grab me and yanked her down, ugly she was, huge like a bat and full of wriggly little critters, I threw her into Stella's mouth and she choked. I would too," he nodded at the astounded look on the girls' faces, "yeah that's right, I'm just that good," he looked round at me and frowned, "Tovek," he nodded.
"Sidion," I nodded back, the Wave-runner was here.

The End

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