Pixel: Fidgetting

I fidget nervous. "I hate it when she does that" I mutter.

"Well, I think I can tell that since you've not sat still since then" Tovek says. He smiles and I feel like my heart rise to my throat. I look away knowing my face has gone slightly pink.... Which is enough to show I'm blushing.

"I'm wondering why you haven't used your powers on her if you find it annoying" Tovek says leaning back.

"Being a Voicer is about respect...... except for cheap tricks"

"Cheap tricks"

"Avolvo" I whisper and know my whole eyes go blue. Tovek's eyes go blank and then he put's his face into his bread.....

I burst out laughing loosing my control. He spits out the bread. "Right" he hisses but playfully.

He pounces and we scramble rolling across the floor. We stop and Tovek is leaning over me. I feel my heart pounding...... What will he do.........?

The End

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