Yaeri; On the Hunt

Run. Jump. Crouch. Still. Silence is bad. Silence means its ears will be sharper. Silence means I have to be quieter. Quiet. Be quiet. It can't see me, I am sure. It stands in the glade, eating the grass. Soon I shall be feasting on it.

My claws dig into ground. My mouth waters. I have hunted for three days now. Hunters need food. Yaeri needs food.

I make ready. The creature lifts up its head. It listens. I wait.

Neither of us move.

Suddenly voice breaks through trees.

Creature runs. I run. Try to catch it. Get it, get it. Have to eat. Starving. Claws so very close. A bit faster.

My claws tear into the creature's side. It shrieks. It falls. I stop. I take pride over my kill. With one flash of my claws, I kill it. I eat.

After I eat, I drink in the river. Water is refreshing. My image reflects at me. I am made of blue fur with dark markings. My two big eyes are gold and the smaller two are black. My tail has sharp points on the end. I am a creature of this island. My family live in deeper forest and feast on smaller animals. Here, there are bigger animals to hunt.

I hear the shouting voice again. It doesn't sound like creature. It doesn't sound like two-legged creature in big shelter. It sounds like... like...

Bigger creature.

Not bigger creature. Don't like bigger creature. They eat. They hurt.

I race up nearest tree. I hide in branches. Underneath me are three two-legs. Not normal two-legs, different two-legs. Not blue like normal. I hiss and go further back into the branches. I hide here. They won't see me.

The End

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