I ghosted down the coast, searching for the blue haired girl, Pixel. The men could not see me, of that I was sure, because my hair, my skin, and my dress all matched the color of the soft sand. The only color I had was the blue of my eyes, and the pink of my lips.

It had been a long time since I had landed upon this island; I could barely remember true society. My ship had crashed, and I had somehow washed ashore here, though I'm not sure that landing here was a better alternative than dying out at sea with the rest of them. Lord knows I would have died once I landed here, if Pixel hadn't found me before the wretched predators of the island.

I missed society greatly, though I had never really found my niche within it. I was always the odd one out. Most likely because I wasn't a normal human.

I was human in the way of that I could die easily, and I needed food and water, and all of that, but I was quite unhuman in the fact that I had the gift of Sight, and was also a Healer. Two things not commonly accepted in any modern society.

For a moment, I closed my eyes and relaxed, trying to see where Pixel was. I still kept my guard up, just in case one of those horrid animals decided to focus upon me  as their prey.

Slowly, an image came. Pixel was in her hut, speaking to a strange male. I nearly slapped my forehead; of course she would be in her hut!

Silently, I sweeped by the fighting men and headed inland, to Pixel's hut.

I stopped by the entrance. Next to her hut was a female like the man inside, only with obvious injuries, especially to her neck. Poor thing... I kneeled beside of her, trying to rustle up as much of my power.  I placed both palms on her stomach and gave it all of my concentration.

A minute passed...

Then two...

Then three.

I opened my eyes to see there was no change. My powers had failed me, for the first time. Instead of sulking over my lack of ability, I stood by the entrance to Pixel's hut.

"Knock, knock..." I sing-songed.

The End

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