Rick : Unexpected events

It took Rick all his endurance to hold onto the row-boat in the churning stormy waters.Reaching close to the magnificent ship, he left the boat and swam silently towards a bunch of cables that he could see hanging down the ship's side.

He climbed up onto the deck and swiftly, passing through a maze of wooden ornate doors, moved into the hold at the bottom level of the ship. He took his machete out and sat behind a four barrels of rum, waiting, alert. He waited like that until the wee hours of the morning. Then strange events started occurring.

The doors of the hold opened and a man walked inside. He struck a match a lit a torch on the wall by the door. He then started walking in the direction of the rum, talking about snakes. Rick understood nothing of it all but he was wary, ready to strike. But Rick thought better than to simply kill the man. He had the visage of a kindly human, he might as well agree to keep Rick as a stowaway  on board. So he came out of hiding and said, "Remain calm. We need to talk".

The man stared awhile at the strange lean man in tattered clothes and black boots, with a machete and revolver hanging at his hips. Returning to his senses, he spoke, "Who are you, and what the hell are you doing aboard this ship?"

Rick said, "My name is Frederick Garcia and I'm from the Caribbean. I've been stranded on this island for almost a year when my ship crashed on its shores. I saw yours and climbed aboard. Do not be alarmed. I mean no harm to you or your crew. I just want to get off the island. What is your name, good man?" Upon hearing this, the crew member replied, "You have no damn right to be 'ere. Put ya weapons down, nice and easy. We're going to see the cappin." Rick replied, "I'm terribly sorry but my weapons remain with me. Rest assured I shall not use them. And anyway, it's your entire crew against me."

"The crew been attacked by snakes o' some kind. Dunno where those bloody creatures came from. Rum keeps 'em away. Take a quart with ya in that there flask. That's how i warded 'em off and got 'ere. Now let's go see the cappin. Come on, then"

As they were walking up to the deck, Rick saw the faint bite-marks of a snake on the other man's left leg. He asked, "Good man, how long ago were you bitten?" The man in front stopped as if in a stupor with his head hanging languidly, drooping onto his chin. Rick grew wary, knowing quite a lot of the effects of the venom of most of the animals on the island. He prodded the larger sailor and stepped back, alert. Then, the sailor swerved back and dazedly groped for Rick's throat. But Rick was too quick for him. He caught his arms gave a shuddering blow to the man's right ear. However this had no effect other than stopping him in his tracks for a second. Rick desperately looked upwards. He jumped and grabbed one of many bars on the ceiling and kicked the possessed sailor hard in the ribs, staggering him. Then Rick took his machete out and slashed furiously at the larger man, beheading him. The sailor fell dead on the floor. Rick did not stop and wait. He ran nimbly upwards towards the deck. At that very moment the captain and first mate of the ship were about to blow it up sky high.

Rick reached the deck with the machete in his hands. It looked like a ghost ship. There were a few bodies lying on the wooden floor, all blue because of the snake venom. God knows how many had killed each other. Rick stopped. He saw two men standing over another body. One of them was pouring something red out of a bottle onto the body and all around it. He then took out a box of matches, lit it and threw it over the liquid, setting the floor ablaze. Then Rick understood that they were setting the ship on fire. So they would not be members of the crew, but instead, others, possibly pirates. It escaped him how they could have gotten there. But he did not wait to see what happened next. He walked silently toward the railing on the far side and then broke into a run when he saw the two men disembarking onto a dinghy. He reached the rail and then, just as the ship exploded, he dived into the shimmering blue water.



The End

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