The Knight of Elderado; 2

Ren woke up early before the sun rose above the ocean.  Without waking his crew, he left his quarters with his white blouse and trousers to cover him.  For the sake of his position as Captain and Knight, he stepped back in his room to grab his ornate coat that was given to him by a British lord who made money off of selling tea to western colonies.  Ren walked quietly to the wheel of the ship.  The sun's light was teasing the horizon with the hopes of a brand new day.  The sky was red with blood.

Rodger slipped behind Ren and spoke, "I have heard from the crew that you are well known for your eastern style."  he stepped back and hands him his captain's hat.  "You know I'm no pirate."  Ren holds the hat firmly.  "I am a Knight."  Ren puts the hat on and leans on the hard wood railing of the durable Corvette.

The crew gently stirred below, and Ren orders Rodger to assemble the remaining crew members on board.  "Aye, Sir Captain."  Rodger steps forward and bellows, "All hands on deck!" he waits.  The crew doesn't stir, or respond.  Ren and Rodger look at each other with curiosity.  Ren begins walking quickly towards the lower quarters of the ship.  "Rodger," he calls out, "take a look." without remorse, Ren gesticulates Rodger's admittance.  He passes Ren and begins to investigates the terror that has beset the remaining crew.

Snakes wrapped tightly around the corpse of the crew men.  Their skin was blue, and deprived of breath, while their eyes were deep red, as if pooled with blood.  Thier bodies were riddled with pairs of bite marks that spread roots of purple poison across skin.

"I think we should set them out to sea." Rodger suggested.  He nodded and picked up a very potent quart of rum.  Rodger stepped back as Ren poured all of the liquid on the two men.  "lets get out of here" Ren began pushing Rodger farther back.  As Rodger reached the ramp, he began to ask Ren what was going on, but his question was answered when his captain pulled a book of matches out.

The ship was the brightest fire Rodger had ever seen.  Yes, he had seen ships lit a blaze, but this was Sir Ren Captain's Corvette, the fastest, sturdiest ship on the seven seas.  Barrels of rum, and gun powder, exploded violently into the air.  It almost seemed as though Ren was trying to send a message to any other well faring sailors.  Of course, Pirates would also be attracted.

Rodger began, "You knew that the two of us alone could not maintain the ship's course alone, so you gave it a proper retirement, correct?" Ren looked back at him with empty eyes.  "I never thought I'd see the day..."

The End

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