Olivio: Raaa

The storm was a little faster then the  elder had predicted.  The waves smashed our wooden docks the wind carried young childern a distance. The shelter our little safehouse from these horrific storm the doors were broken. They could only be closed from the outside. A woman was handing down her new born baby into the shelter ready to sacrifice her life.  

" Stop! I will seal the doors." I said with courage the woman thanked me as i stepped into the pelting rain. It took all of my strength to close the door but once I did. I was isolated from the people that had found me on the beach cared and nutured for me. maybe now it was time to return to my place of origin I thought.  The wind became stronger knocking me off my feet i was being carried by the winds. 

" Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I yelled  flying through the air. Then a piece of wood was Thrown at my head and I was unconsciouss. 


Not to much later I found myself floating in the vast empty ocean. It was sunny not a cloud in the sky. The suns light reflecting off the beautiful blue ocean.  My heard hurt.  I wasn't surprised at the fact that I surrvived i was always different than humans. I was tougher , Stronger, And generally I made wierd things happen.  In the distance I could see silhouette of an island on the horizion of blue. It was a long swim but probaly my only chance of survival.  I started my long powerful strokes in the water.  My names Olivio meaning the Beach child in my peoples language. Since that was where i was found when i was a baby.  


After hours of swimming I arrived on the beach shore I crawled onto the beach exhausted and laid there panting.   I looked into the beautiful blue sky as exhaustion drove me to sleep.

The End

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