Rick : Escape at last!

Rick watched from his cave as the ship dropped anchor. It had been too long since he had been stranded on this godforsaken island. He had had to fend off wild beasts and move from cave to cave to simply survive here. But now it was finally time to make a getaway.

He crept out of the cave, with his sharpened machete in his outstretched right hand and an old revolver with three remaining clips in his left. He looked outside into the darkness, able to see much more than the ordinary man; he had gotten used to the pitch blackness of this place. He slung his weapons on his belt and started climbing down the steep slope, hoping that nothing went wrong. Little did he know that he was about to unfold a whole chain of events that would change his life completely.

As he climbed down the hill, he noticed movement on the beach. There were five men staring at something. He stopped for a while and looked upon the scene. It was one of those huge white things that was staring back at them. And then, as if in a flash, it was dead with arrows sticking out of it. Who were these men? Were they lost too or had they a purpose here? Rick didn't know what to think. But he did not have to time to think, it was time for action.

As he moved closer, he heard some of them talking and caught the names Ren and Rodger. They seemed normal-enough names to him! They started to walk towards a boat and Rick followed closely through whatever cover he got from the bushes. None could hear him. He had become quite a nimble hunter during his stay; it was inevitable for his survival. At a distance from the boat, while the men were standing and talking on the beach, Rick quickly got into the water and swam underwater towards the boat. Upon reaching it, he grabbed its underside and waited for what might lie in store next. He didn't know that this had just been the easy part of his latest adventure.


The End

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