Ava & Tovek: a sour bend in the road

As Pixel, the voicer ran towards the ship, I stared at Ava, her feathers were, blue, green and red, longer feathers like hair on the back of her head whistled in the wind.
We took off once more into the wind, from my vantage point I could see the two pirate ships, the first ship's crew had set up a camp on the beach, the second crew stood talking what could only be tactics, with Pixel listening in, not my thing. But what caught my eyes was on the other side of the island.
A large wave in the distance, and riding that wave, a man on a wooden board with dolphins following as if his outstretched hands were pulling the water behind him.
I would have gone to inspect had not five huge eagles come careering at me. I feinted left, spinning upside down I pulled out my bow, knocked an arrow and shot one. The eagle fell like a lump of clay to the floor, but the others came at me with a dreadful ferocity, they slashed and teared at my Ava's neck and torso. "My Torek, my wing is hurt, i must land," I gulped. We plummeted like a multi-coloured pebble to certain death, the Eagles behind us.
The first crew were being attacked by black panthers, the second by white, ferocious wolf-like creatures with Pixel swiping in a flurry of knives, and the wave-rider, he was coming.

The End

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