Ava & Tovek

The crash resonated through the skies, sending novas of wind battering my beautiful Ava with a rickety turbulence. I steered her left under a rocky archway, through the canopy of tall leafy fronds that whipped at our faces. I patted her back, jumped off and landed nimbly in the grassy clearing as Ava ascended from view.
the breeze caught my brown tunic, rustled my dark green hair that covered my lighter green face, I smelt trouble. It was at that point I noticed a small blue girl jump from a tree branch with the agility of a Vrakos aeronaut, at first I thought it was her, then I noticed the small panther beast following her from the shadow, I got out my bow.
"LOOK OUT!" I called, but she whipped round, and in a flash of silver, the panther was dead.
"I can look after myself!" she growled as she turned, towards the beech and in the distance, a boat. I ran to catch up with her.

The End

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