The Knight of Elderado


The knight of Elderado, Ren, is a galliant knight that has seen the world and more.  He isn't a typical midievil knight that one would read from story books, but he is a knight of the seas.  Many pirates that victimize trade ships, and exploring ships, know him by his eastern clothing and traditions.

Ren's ship is a corvette that was built by a family of slaves that he saved from a rich, British trader from India.  His ship has taken him around continents and seas.  Now, Ren's corvette has brought him to a strange island that he has never seen.  To the west of the island, a ship was wrecked on the beach.  His five man crew ascended from below and stood curiously beside him.  Ren's first mate, Rodger, asked "What's out there?" Ren looked back.  "An island.  Set rudders due Southwest."
Rodger called the crew to their stations as he took the wheel. 

Within a few mintues, the ship slowed to a halt.  "Cast the Anchor!"  Rodger called out to the crew.  Ren walked out to the edge of the ship to throw down the ramp.  When it hit the beach, the white sand shot forward and Rodger sent the crew down to the beach before Ren.

From the trees came a loud noise that scared exotic birds from their homes in the trees.  Limbs rattled and the crew drew their weapons and pistols in one hand with their swords in the other.  Rodger stepped in front of Ren and began walking down the ramp.  Ren spoke quietly, "I have never heard something like that before."  Rodger looked back, "I can't say that I have either."  Rodger takes one step further.

Ren looks deeply into the trees.  Between two large tropical trees, a pair of deep, hateful eyes gazed red into the soul of the crew.  Ren and Rodger stepped back while the crew ran forward to engage the creature.  "Catch him before he escapes!"  the crew cried out in excitement.  Ren grimaced and looked to Rodger, "The first to die are the ones so ready to charge their opponents."  Rodger looked in admiration of his wisdom, but in fear for the crew's sake.

The eyes lunged from the trees and revealed the creature of which they were attached.  His white fur was glowing brightly in the sun, but was soon covered in blood, his own and three of the crew member's.  Two of the crew stood above the beast in victory of their battle.  Ren spoke, "I am glad the two of you survived."  he looked down.  "Take their weapons to the ship, and we'll further explore the island in the morning."  He walked back to the Captain's Quarters, past Rodger's door. 

The End

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