Pixel: The Island of Fate.... and other weird things

I watch from a tree as the Pirate ship crashed. "Wow, hope no one got hurt"

I jump down from the tree and land on my feet.

My blue hair is braided down my back and I train my blue piercing eyes on the pirates getting out. My face is thin with pointy ears and shape teeth and I'm quite small.

My name's Pixel and I'm a residence of The Island of Fate.....and other weird and strange things. My kind have been the only residence on the Island until now.

"They must be humans" I say studying them, even from a far distance I can see them perfectly clear.

I brush a leaf of my trouser which are made from cotten. There a pale cream colour as are my top which has long sleeves and are slightly loose.

"Maybe I should greet them" I mutter gripping the hilt of my danger which is in it's scabbard attached to my belt which goes across my hip slantered.

"Yeah I think I will" I say as I watch a boy get on to the deck.

The End

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