Pirate Steve

"Can you hear that?"

"Hear what?!" cried a very alarmed Cook.

"That.... singing?"

"What singing!" she gaged as she but down her apron.

"Can you not hear that Cook? I think I'm going mad, It's all this sea water."

"I think you are too Steve me' dear. You feelin' alrigh'?

"I feel fine!"


Tom came ranning down the staires. "Did anyone hear that?!" he spluttered "That singing!"

"Steve heard it, didn't you me' dear!"

"Yeah. What was that crash?! and why arnt you steering the boat!"

"Oh yeah!"he stumbled back up the stairs just to be thrown back down again

BANG! the cabin started to shake.

"What in the name of the lord was that!"

Suddenly everything seemed very quiet.

The three of them hurried up the stairs only to find sand in front of them.

"Bloody great Tom! You've just made us crash into a bloody island! How the hell are we gunna fix this! We have NO tools, hardley any food left, and where the HELL are we!"

The End

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