The Right Heart

I didn't expect this could happen to me. And thank goodness the chthonic forces wasn't against me. 

I was taking a shower. Lathering myself down with an Olay body wash. I felt an autochthonous bump on my back. Who knows how long that has been there. After Paul Mitchell washed and fixed my hair, I got help with the make up by Estee Lauder. I slid on the beautiful purple dress, black stockings, and a matching pair of high stilettos. I made sure I paid a full price at Ashley Stewart. Because I don't want them dunning me about the payment. I sprayed a little bit of Beyonce's Heat that would make my date to feel the heat. Thank goodness I was not trying to ape Nicki Minaj. And I would be hectored if I was caught amalgamate with an outfit Prince wore in the movie, "Purple Rain". In those days, nobody thought he would be a fop.

I finally arrived at my old high school. It was 8:30PM, and I'm standing in the middle of a gym floor. It was dark, but I was not gadding around looking for a light switch. Suddenly. I heard a footsteps. I couldn't see anything but darkness. I was scared. I didn't know whether to run or to stay put. What if that person was to track me down. So I stay where I'm at.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer. Louder and louder. I was so confused. Then, I smelled an after shave fragrance. I finally turned around. Sure enough, it was the man of my dreams. He was all dressed up. His black hair was pulled back. He was in a black tux. Unusual for a man who is going out on a date. The spotlight was on us. And I can see him clearly.

His beautiful green eyes gave me an aphrodisiac effect. Oral sex I wanted from him. And he delivered. He held me close. He caressed my face. I put my arms around him, and he put his around me. I could have been an eclectic woman who could have dated a heavily tattooed man who uses profanity a lot, a mob boss, or a drunkin rich guy named Arthur. But I chose to date a movie star with a right heart.

The End

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