The right decision

Are you good at picking decisions

Standing in front of the mighty mansion, you watch as the bedroom light flickers off for the night. Time to make your move. You scurry away from the golden gates and climb the wall which surrounds the perimeter.

Inside the mansion are valuable jewels worth £150,000 each. If you could just get your hands on one, all your problems would dissapear.

Sliding ever so gently off the wall, you land in the large flower bed, crushing roses and rhododendrons as you fall. You leap onto a patch of grass to avoid treading on the gravel driveway.

All you need to do know is get inside, but how? You notice an open window above the patio, the butler then throws something out the back door then walking off without locking it. Then there is the cellar next to the dog kennel. Decisions, decisions. What to do?

Only you can decide 

The End

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