Hean Life

Hean fawns have a 1 in 6 chance of surviving their first 2 weeks as the chemical in their genes and blood can be fatal. However, the Hean community is large and prosperous. this is due to twins, triplets or even more being common in Hea families. Heana litters are typically 2 or 3 fawns but can be more and this is what prevents the Homo Heana from extinction. Hea grow fast until they reach adulthood when they slow down and live for a long time, but those fawns that survive their first 2 weeks then only have a 1 in 17 chance of living to adulthood. As the Heana are not human, they have no human rights and can be convicted without a trial, enslaved and treated as animals. There is now an official collective noun for them: a shadow of Heana. Over the last few decades, the once peaceful community of the Hea has turned against us humans, a war has recently broken out and now things are escalating quickly and the government has, just this week, supplied the royals and army with a new weapon; one made especially for eliminating Hea. It is called a H.C.G, or a Hea Chemical Gun, and it contains a chemical which reacts fatally with the Anaeh in the creatures’ veins. Scientists are also currently working on a solution which, in practice, would cure a Hean of their abnormalities and deem them safe to live among humans. While it is still currently illegal to hunt Hea, moves are being made to abolish this law and while most ministers are quite happy for this, as the see Heana for what they are - monsters, others consider the Hea to be “nearly human” and therefore disagree.
The Hea remain a horrible reminder of the most horrific war in recorded history.

The End

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