Heana Documentary

A documentary by The Revolutionary newspaper on the Homo Heana and the CANWEW of the story RED HOOD.

The Revolutionary

A quick look at the 4oth century history of the Heana and the C.A.N.W.E.W

For those who don't know, the Heana are the descendants of CANWEW (Chemical And Nuclear World Ending War) survivors who were exposed to the Anaeh chemical during the war. The word Heana is simply and extended version of Hea which stands for Humanoid Exposure Adaptions and the extra "na" was added to make it the chemical name backwards. The chemical entered the genes of the soldiers and so passed down to their children and then their children until it became evident that it was hereditary for every descendant, without exception, of the exposed to Anaeh. The Hea, or Heana, like to think of themselves as Humans who have evolved further than the regular Homo Sapien into the Homo Heana and believe that this new "breed" of Humans is the way forward. However, the Heana are dangerous as they seem to have developed certain abnormalities - some call them  "powers" - as a result of the chemical in their blood. These have both positive and negative side effects: although the Hea have superior skills, talents and self-healing ability to the regular Human and appear to live longer, they also have what some among the uneducated would call "magic" and this "magic" has been known to cause injury and damage, especially from young Hea who do not yet know how to control their abnormalities. After several generations, King Jason IV sent the Hean communities to live elsewhere and only if they passed judgement and were classified as "safe" could they re-enter the Human areas. After King Jason died, his wife Queen Miranda took over with the help of their seven sons, Jason, Tobias, Henry, Drake, Bertram, Felix, Albert who all rule a portion of the world. Once, each country was ruled by its own monarch, but after the CANWEW, the entire planet has joined together and has been ruled by one family, as now. The princes currently reside in London, Florida, Barcelona, Venice, Berlin, Paris and Sydney.

The End

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