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It took us a surprisingly short amount of time to tidy the mall up, with all of us working on it, Miliny taught us a fairly simple spell to alter the customers’ memories, and with all our powers it was quick to actually clean up all the mess we had made. By the end, you would have had no idea that anything out of the ordinary had happened. The only problem was having to listen to Asher gloating about how he had ‘single-handedly’ brought the criminal down, but we all just rolled our eyes and ignored him.


I was really proud of myself, in the power I had shown when Meo and I brought down the Cyclops. I’d shown them, all of them, I may only be a half-blood but that doesn’t mean I can’t be as powerful as any full blood. I can do this.

So far, everyone had been really great, and no-one looked down on me. Except Professor Svadilfari, that is. I still couldn’t get over the comment he made when I first came into the classroom. Calling me a ‘half fairy’ in front of everyone, I had expected it from the students, but never from a teacher. And the way he looked at me when I was in his class, like he was expecting me to do something wrong, and if, God forbid, I was ever allowed to make a potion he would be standing right behind me, watching every move I made. He looked disappointed that I never did anything wrong.

The adrenaline of the day and the thrill of what I had achieved was still pumping through me, giving me the strength to go to detention. With Professor Svadilfari, obviously. All I’d done was help Asher with his potion and I’d been given a month of detention straight away. I didn’t take it personally though; he’s pretty much got the whole school in detention at the moment.

All the pupils in Professor Svadilfari’s detention had received a letter at 6 a.m. this morning simply saying:


Meet for detention in the great hall at 8 p.m.

- Professor Svadilfari


I didn’t even what to think what we had to do this time. Last time we had to gather slime off the bottom of the rocks in the river, but only if the slime was of a certain colour, consistency and smell. Before that we went maggot gathering. They were all pretty gruesome or had the most ridiculous time scales.

By the time I went into the Great Hall everyone else was already there, all my fellow students in the trouble hunters club smiled at me in greeting as I arrived. Professor Svadilfari wasn’t here yet, he always liked to make a grand entrance.

“Students - welcome to detention!” Svadilfari’s cold voice called from behind us, we all spun around and I found myself nearly nose-to-nose with the professor, “Today we will be cleaning the Great Hall,” The whole group breathed a sigh of relief, that wasn’t to bad. “With no magic,” Everyone groaned.

“I will be back in precisely forty-five minutes; if this place isn’t spotless there is a week’s extra detention for each of you. And if a single one of you uses magic, even for the tiniest thing, I will know, and you will be spending the rest of your time at this school in detention, do you understand?”
Everyone nodded immediately, and Svadilfari swept away.

“Forty-five minutes, how the hell are we going to do that?!” Meo Shouted  

I agreed, it took the caretaker all day to tidy, and he could use magic.

“Right,” Said Lauren, a girl who was in a few classes to me, but I had never spoken to, “The best thing to do is to all split up, pick a task and stick to it, and afterwards we’ll all tackle the chandelier together.”

So I was given the task of polishing the innumerous trophies that lined the walls of the Hall. Some of the trophies were for the most ridiculous things, from ‘Troll Killer of the Year’ to ‘Best Vampire’. I didn’t even understand how someone could be the ‘best vampire’.

Finally, I came to the last trophy, the one I was saving till last. And pretty much the only ‘normal’ trophy in this whole place.


National poetry championship1978 – 1stPlace

Fred Winters


My father, well step-father technically, but he was the only father I’d ever known. This was the only competition the school had entered with other schools, normal schools I mean. And my dad had won, he had his own trophy too, we still had it at home. I missed him so much.

“Your forty-five minutes is up!” Svadilfari’s cold voice suddenly called, we all immediately leapt up from where we were to see Svadilfari stood in the middle of the room.

I looked up at the chandelier; we hadn’t had time to do it. It looked pretty clean though, maybe he wouldn’t notice.


Svadilfari went round the room, inspecting every window, every inch of the floor, every single one of the trophies.


Please don’t notice the chandelier, please, please, please don’t notice the chandelier, please don’t notice the chandelier, please don’t notice…. Crap. He noticed.


“Is that a cobweb on the chandelier?!” He snapped, “That will be an extra week of detention for each of you,”  

“Sir, please don’t,” Asher suddenly piped up, “It was my fault, I was supposed to do it, but I took too long on the armor.”   

Svadilfari smirked, “Fine then, and extra month for you, Grey. The rest of you can go.”

We all stood frozen in shock for a few moments, before Svadilfari barked “GO!” To which we all practically ran out the hall.


Did Asher really just take a month’s detention for us? Well, today had definitely been full of surprises.

The End

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