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Once the group had got to the shopping centre, they stepped out to regard the shopping centre. In the meantime they had decided that Isla and herself would go instead to find the potion ingredients and that Asher and Anya would go catch the criminal. She was relived. Quite frankly, she didn’t want to be here at all, no matter how impressed she was by the artefact Professor Lomus had pulled out back at the station. She was gently encouraged by her head teacher as the first group walked into the building of peril, she never had gulped so comically in her life.


“So, Miliny, how do you suppose we find this… thing hmm?” Ayna already felt bored to the core by this expedition. And although this Miliny woman and her head teacher had tried to hype up the situation as much as possible, she still felt as though this was all a waste of time.

“Wait a sec.” Anya watched her hold her palms out together as though she was expecting some sort of gift to just drop out of the sky- then her eyes burst open, a milky blue colour invading them and swirling round and around and around and a...

“Here we go.” The world seemed to stop spinning as Anya realised that the woman’s eyes had gone back to normal. In her hands was a tracking device, the miniscule screen was on and she noticed a little blue dot beeping in the centre of the map.

“What’s that?” Asher asked, really stupid then, she thought. How long did it take this guy to catch on to anything?

“It’s a tracking device, but instead of sensing humans it senses magical creatures. See that little bunch there with the pink green and white dots? That’s the other team going to find the class A potion ingredients, and that blue one right there, that’s him. That’s our guy.” Miliny replied.

“Then what are we waiting for?”

“Wait alright? This device I’ve made here should be able to turn that dot into a face. Just because we know he’s somewhere in the cafeteria doesn’t mean we can’t go in and hold up a gun, expecting him to hold up his hands. It’ll take two seconds.” The two teens waited in awkward silence as the image slowly cropped on to the screen.

It was an image of an egg-headed man with a thick neck and thin eyebrows. He was bald and had this look about him that suggested pure evil. Anya finally spoke up.

“So are we going to catch this man or what? I mean, what are we meant to do?”

“You, Anya are going to use the binding spell on his legs to stop him from running away and, Asher you’re going to use the blinder spell to prevent him from seeing us before we get to him. Ooh! Almost forgot.” Her eyes wavered again as two police badges appeared in the centre of her hand

“Fake badges. Just so you look more legitimate if you’re asked questions by any of the local guards.”

The threesome heard screams from inside the building- Zachary Burnen knew they were here.

The once-dragon-now-plain-old-human slowly took the badge and pinned it to the inside of her jacket. “Great.” She thought. “What luck.” She mumbled dryly.


The two girls ran for their lives as they saw their own headmaster get knocked 8 feet into the air by a 6 foot Cyclops that began to make its way towards them.

“MEO RUN!!!” Isla screamed after she had turned round to find Meoquanee fixed to the spot in fear as the Cyclops continued to charge towards her.

She didn’t respond. Isla yanked her by the arm and charged up the escalators, barging past shoppers that had only just noticed what the commotion was all about and had begun to cry out too.

They were running too fast to notice the Cyclops had leaped up to the second floor and was already hot on their tails. Meoquanne quickly grabbed a clothes stand from inside a tie shop and threw it in the path of the Cyclops, tripping it up and forcing it to tumble towards the ground.

“In here!” Isla cried out, pointing towards the girl’s toilets. Meoquanee gave her a queasy look back suggesting she would hurl any moment.

Isla tried with great difficulty to help drag her into the toilets, Meo only managing to get up once they had got inside.

One of the cubicles was closed. Isla helped Meo to the one at the end and climbed onto the toilets.

“Meo are you okay?” Meo swallowed.

“I’ll be… I’ll be fine.”

At that moment the Cyclops burst through the main door, pausing for a moment before bashing in the doors to each cubicle. As he smashed the first one they heard a woman crumple to the ground. How many toilets were there? Nine?

Isla used a spell to transmit her thoughts to Meoquanee: Ok. Here’s the plan. I’ll burst out and freeze him, while you try and use your ability to weaken him, that’s the best chance of us getting out of here. Meoquanne nodded. They both jumped as the monster hit the final door before theirs. They swallowed.

“Three, Two, One, Argh!” Isla kicked the door open as hard as she could, forcing the creature to stumble back before roaring. She jumped out and collapsed due to the force she had exerted. She looked up  to see the Cyclops frozen to the spot.


“Yeah, I think so.” Isla groaned in return. Meoquanne stumbled out and focused her eyes on the beast. The ice encasing him slowly melted until he was free, but by then Meoquanne had managed to weaken his aura to the point of collapse. When the pair had tried to check its pulse it was barely visible.

Isla laughed nervously and hi-fived her friend before she remembered something.

“The woman” They checked to see if she was okay but found out she was dead. Meoquanee fished through the unidentified woman’s handbag for her purse and found a small pouch.

“You don’t think-“

“It is.” They both collapsed on the floor in exhaustion and started laughing. They had done it, they had actually done it…


The man had pinned the werewolf to the floor, he could tell the criminal was struggling after having conjured that Cyclops earlier on. Anya was standing a little distance away after the Wyangfem had conjured up her mentor-fairy thing and were having an imaginary conversation. He chuckled for a moment before being punched across the cheek for a second time. That snapped him back into focus. He roared in frustration and gathered all of his strength to thrust the man into the air.

Anya’s apparition disappeared, leaving her to realise what was happening. While she was kicking the guy’s ass, he looked around for a fun way to finish him off. He spotted a thick wire drooping from the second floor down to the first.

He smiled.

Asher leaped in a few short bounds up the escalator to find coat hangers scattered across the floor. He took one and hooked onto the wire, sliding down towards the fight scene down below at a moderate speed. At the right time he let go and collapsed onto the man, now leaving him the one on top.

Anya helped Deputy-Chief Miliny up (who had been knocked out earlier) over to the criminal. The woman’s eyes blurred blue before handcuffs appeared on the man’s hands.

Professor Lomus stumbled over to the three whilst being supported by Isla and Meoquanee.

“What happened here Asher?” Asher grinned.

“You don’t wanna know, sir, you don’t wanna know…”

The End

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