Lucious- DetentionMature

As I stood in front of the class everybody sat in silence gazing around the room as if the head better things to be doing.

As you are a bunch of insolent brats who have no manners or concerns for the rules, you will be scrubbing clean my classroom” I ground out, “Without magic” I smirked as I heard the groans of disapproval. “and I expect it done by the time I come back”

I pulled out my wand and opened the cupboard to the cleaning supplies “You will be using these, Miss Vixen if you please follow me your detention will be else where because of you issues” I swirled round my robes swirled with me.

Oi Sir why she getting special treatment this is absurd!” Mr Grey called out after us

I halted still and Miss vixen wheel chair hit the back of my legs, everything went silent. I silently walked over to him and stared down at him.

If you so dearly want to be cleaning the kitchen all by your self by all means carry on, but my patient is growing thin, I find it highly inappropriate in what your saying and will not stand for it. You have two months more detention. Not with me but with the Porter” I growled out. I swiftly left the room.

Vixen now or you will have more detention” I shouted out as I headed down the hall.


I stood in the defence classroom, it was a dim lit room that had rows of different types of weapons.

I looked upon miss vixen as she looked around the room “Miss Vixen do you have any movement in your legs at all” I asked her, already knowing the answer but just to follow the role of being her teacher I had to prentend not to know”

No sir I don;t not in this form, but I prefer to stay like this, I get less obsure looks, when I shift for some reason I dont shift fully. But I am able to walk that way. Not for long though” She said quitly I could see the fear in her eyes. Reminded me of the day we first met although she will never know”


I entered the building we would normally meet at it was cold and damp, the joy seemed to be sucked out of you when you walked into this place.

I could hear the screams as I entered as I got closer to the dungens the screams got louder, it turned my veins cold and made my stomach churn as I smelt dark magic mixed with blood.

"and now Melody you will never walk again!!" I heard one of the members Shout.

One of them left the room Rose I grabbed her arm “What’s going on?” I whispered. She grinned manically

We found them stupid people a fox-shifter and a witch we killed them for being together and we have just finished torturing her.” She giggled. “You missed out on some lukey” She ran her hand over my chest and I held back a shiver of disgust.

I walked into the room, just as they were about to kill her “Wait!” I shouted they turned looking at me “Wouldn't it be more amusing to keep her alive, she will be scared for life with these memory, I will adapt them so she wont remember your face.

Very well Lucious you deal with her, but if anything happen you will take the blame” I bowed my head


Sir!” Her voice brought me to the present, guilt welled up inside me.

Practice spell on that dummy there get your movements sharp so they come second nature NOW”

The End

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