P.E didn't end wellMature

“No Miss Divine just stop.” Professor Lankan came dashing over with a stormy expression. “We haven’t gone over this yet and will you please work with your partner.”

“I am working with her, I kick the ball, and she misses it which means she has to go after it.” I explain watching the other pairs kick the ball back to each other. Apparently this was called physical exercise, well my partner whose name I couldn’t remember was getting plenty of exercise. My response didn’t seem to impress professor Lankan very much. My partner returned and managed to kick the ball back; however Lankan touched it with her foot and glanced at me.

“Go fetch.” She said before booting the ball way out of range across the field and into the trees. “I’d save the response in your head Miss Divine and remember you need to work as a team and not show off.” Professor Lankan glared at me sending her message and then went off to the other pairs.

Fine I thought as I ran off towards the trees and once outta sight I changed. It felt good in this form running through the trees picking up on new scents and breaking one of the rules felt good right now. Some of us had been told that we couldn’t change forms unless we had a lesson, staff permission or if we couldn’t control it. Given the fact that I personally was in a strong blooded pack I was not allowed to change whenever I wanted, they said that in the human world I couldn’t change whenever as it would cause exposer to our world. It was infuriating! I hated that I was judged. So I was only allowed to change a few hours in the week and this was starting to take its toll on me.

I found the ball but didn’t care I wanted to drag out the time I had before anyone realised that I turned into a wolf. I sensed another close by and leapt through the trees climbing up the slop and watched her. The girl was small her hair pulled back in a plait, she seems lost in her own world to notice me watching her and seeming to be alone I saw her start to hold up her hands and move backwards going round in circles dancing. She must have had her eyes closed because as she looked up she stopped moving.

“It’s okay; I’m not going to hurt you.”I thought to her hoping she could hear me if not feel that I didn’t mean any harm. The girl nodded once and took her bag walking back towards the school, never turning her back on me. I sighed and leapt off the slope but feeling some kind of hold over my body, my eyes burled and then I fell to the ground on two feet.

“Miss Divine, I’m sure you understand why you’ll be in detention with me don’t you.” I groaned looking up meeting Professor from hell.

“Can hardly wait sir.”

“I’m getting quite a collection if students and it’s only the first week.” Professor  Svadilfari remarked smugly as he walked me back to the school.


The End

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