OK, so I had a roof over my head, a luxurious bed and clean clothes which wasn't too bad but it couldn't compensate for having to spend so much time around others. It also couldn't assuage my anger at having restrictions on my life that had never been there before.

I actually had a curfew.

Oh, and the fact that half the school's population were ridiculously tiny wasn't helping in the slightest for me to 'fit in'.

Dutifully I attended lesson; Orelia's order forcing me to at least take notes, however when I started getting pains in my head, from not doing my homework instantly, I called her and begged until she rescinded her 'and work hard' command at the very least. That woman sure knew how to make my life suck.


Whenever I had free periods I shut myself away in my room; slumping on my bed.

Call me a whiny 8!^(", but I really wasn't socially adept.

I missed the freedom of movement in open spaces and the soothing open air.

Then again... I thought, sleepily snuggling into my bed, This beats the street any day.

The next night I was walking back to my dorm for curfew, attracting askew glances, when I thought £"&% it. I changed course and headed for the shelter of a tree by the huge lake in the gounds. The school really was stunning.

As well as extensive.

The restriction though was really kindling my anger. I'd had the chance to roam the world at my will until Orelia stole my free will.

Well, it's hardly the first time, is it?

On impulse, I pulled off my shoes, socks and jacket. Dumping my bag with them in a pile, I assumed the traditional yoga position; closing my eyes and folding my legs.

I breathed in deeply; trying to etch the smell of fresh water into my mind.

As I breathed out, I memorised the feel of the grass brushing my feet; a familiar sensation.

In; the sounds of birds singing filled my ears.

Out; I could picture in my mind's eye how I appeared. Even now I marvelled at my Human form.

It wasn't long before I was peaceful, relaxed. It also wasn't long before I was interrupted.

"Why are you not in your dorm?" a deep voice demanded.

I opened my eyes, slowly, to see Professor Svadilfari glowering at me. I shrugged, fixing a cool stare on him.

Svadilfari was nearly as tall as I was when standing. All sorts of rumours flew about the school concerning him yet while I respected him I couldn't bring myself to fear him as other students did.

He shook his head muttering, "I swear you kids are on a mission to make my life a living hell: first that Vixen girl and Peter are at each others throats, then Winters is late, Greyson is deliberately difficult, Mr. Duncan meddles with magic without training now you are out after curfew. No wonder this place went to the dogs if the students were even half as challenging as you lot."

I couldn't help it: a smile flickered across my face. "I cannot speak for the others but I certainly try my best."

Svadilfari scowled but I ignored him as I gathered my belongings. Just before I left I turned to face the furious professor. "Word of warning," I offered, "This won't be the last time this happens; no matter how many detentions and punishments you give me. If you know anything about me, you'll understand why it's necessary."

With that I left him to chew on my words.

The End

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