The day after the blackout

That little black spot in the corner of the east hallway was really bugging me. I had tried everything. Now I'd resorted to getting down on my hands and knees with an abrasive sponge. Two small girls walked past giggling and laughing. As I would always do I instantly assumed that they would be laughing at me and I turned around. 

They were moving their hands about in the weirdest way imaginable. They kept lightly probing the air very gently before laughing again and retracting their hand back. I couldn't help wondering every time, what were these people doing? It had only been recently that I decided to retract my first assumption that this was some sort of lunatic asylum. I mean they dressed like students; they talked like students, what was this place? I felt instantly guilty again the moment the one with the brown hair caught me staring at them.

"Hey! What are you looking at, freak?" That hurt, even though I knew they had reason to feel uneasy with me, being a new worker at the school and all, but no-one ever understood my motives, at least from my perspective. I suppose that's why Sue decided to stop being my foster parent. I think they were having a go at me or something, but all I could remember was the mind-numbing conversation.

"What are you trying to say Sue?"

"I'm trying to say that I can't be your foster parent anymore." I sat there, stunned.

"I can't be your foster parent anymore because you refuse to move on with your life! I mean, you're lazy; you don't try to get a job and help with the rent. I mean, that's another thing. I was being naive when I took you in to my apartment Porter. I thought you'd just jump straight into some sort of further education, get your music career started. And then I would only need to be there for you when it really mattered. When you were having girlfriend trouble or when... Oh I don't know! But you can be sure as hell I didn't expect you to just slump on the couch, wasting your life away twenty-four-seven. I'm sorry Porter, your mum died four years ago, I was one of her students at Uni and I thought... I thought I'd be helping her out, my way of showing my appreciation or something. But I am clearly not helping here. It's time for you to move on with your life, and this is a wake-up call. I really am sorry Porter. Goodbye." And she just walked. My second foster parent walked out on me just like the first one.

"Hey! Are you even listening to us!?" The shorter one of the two was fuming now.

"Hmm? Sorry?" The two girls just huffed in high-pitched frustration and strutted off. I was in the process of putting the equipment away in the janitor's closet when Professor Svaldifari found me.

"Are you Porter?" He looked more annoyed than curious, what was bugging him?


"Well are you coming to my 101 classes or not? I have over 43 essays to mark and already and if you're not coming to the one lesson a week I have specially dedicated to you then I might as well just-"

"I'll think about it." He looked at me for a few seconds with a look of almost shock before he hissed a "Fine."

As he walked away I looked down at the microscopic red spot above the main vein in my left arm. I never paid enough attention in Biology to remember what it was. Then I started to feel a sharp, throbbing pain inside my right arm. In fact it hurt to the point that I collapsed onto the ground, sucking in air like there was no oxygen left to breathe. Then it calmed down, the pain stayed there but in a rhythmic pulse and more manageable. I looked back towards the section of hallway where I had unsuccessfully managed to clean that spot. 

For some reason I felt drawn back to that spot, the one where the girls had been playing with thin air. I cautiously moved towards it, my right arm extended out towards the empty space, the throbbing becoming louder and louder in my ears. I felt something cool and liquid, and for some reason, blue. Then I saw it. For a flash second I could see everything I couldn't see before. Posters with diagrams of plants and unusual insects that before were just blank posters. And that...thing. It was blue, a dark shade of swirling and glistening liquid. I tried to grab it and the substance decided to amalgamate until it was one very small, concentrated dot.

And then it exploded.

I was thrown back against the walls. Water flashed everywhere, drenching the walls, the posters and even me right down to my underwear. I eventually stood up. The noise from the explosion must have been so loud that Mr. Svaldifari must have heard it because there he was. I knew what he was going to say. I finally realised that I was in the middle of something bigger than I first imagined. Was all this magic stuff real? How did it tie in to me? The answer to his question was already a yes.

"Mr. Duncan. I think we should get these classes started. Do you want to find out who you really are or not?" I do. I do now, more than anything else.

The End

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