Melody-Potion masters defenceMature

The speech given by the new headmaster one would say was impressive, but  being in such as this is quite daunting most of the speech was well went in one ear and out the other, only picking the main information. the strange looks I was getting from the other students was enough to make a normal girl run and hide

But I was no normal girl I was Melody Vixen, half witch and wolf. I stubborn and proud girl. I was not easily afraid een when confronted with danger... Torture


The room was lit up by a single oil lamp in the middle od te stone floor. it was cold ans damp. I was chained to a wall by shackles around my wrist my arms held above my head.  

My hair lay limp on my shoulder my lifeless eyes staring a head, my clothes shredded into rags that were once pristine.

"Oi mixed blood wake up" Some sneered into my eye my eyes blindfolded so I couldnt see who this was. 

Hot searing pain shot through my back as a boot embeded itself into my back I groan in pain but I gae uyo in flinching now I wouldnt allow my self  this was their pleasure.

There was stinging on my neck, a dagger used to carve a pentegram onto my neck

I heard people chanting around me, in a language soo old time had forgotten it.  the pentegram began to pulse sending pain down to spine I sciemed in agony as I felt as if my spine was being crushed "

A wicked laugh escaped their mouth and pulled my hair back "and now Melody you will never walk again!!"


I found my-self holding my neck the scar was still on my neck, it still isnt normal it was black and looked like a tattoo than a scar but it anyone knew any basic magic they would know what it is.

People were leaving the fall "Come on Peter lets go back the my room please" He started moving forward when a guy stood infront.

"Aww look the cripple has a magic chair, to lazy to walk" He laughed at me " or has your mixed blood forsaken you" Peter growled at him and rammed into his shins

"Peter no you"- I was cut off as someone pushed my wheel chair over

"You dirty animal how dar you do that" He screamed He was about to boot me when someone oice echooed around.

"WHAT IS GOING ON" The crowds parted and left.

Man stood in front of us I gaped this was  Lucius Svadilari one of most well known professor of the dark and arts and pations.

"Well you seen this girl was obstruting the pathway as her wheel chair is chanted and threw her out I was going to help" I said so sweetly I wanted to puke

"Why you little liar you did this to me" I shouted and whimpered and touch my head feeling the warm substance ooze out of a gash

"Enough" Lucius shouted

"Who are you sir" The boy enqured

"I am professor Svadilfari, the schhol potion master and head of discipline now for being so rude Miss?"

"Vixen Melody Vixen" I growled out

"Miss VIxen detention with me tonight at 7pm potion lab"

Boy grinned and walked off and so the potion master.

"Sir if you would be so kind  would assist me into my wheel chair" said through clenched teeth.

He sighed "Very well" He replied and staled be fore me he set peter up, he put his cold hands on my hips and I clung to his shoulders. As he lifted me I suddenly felt Dizzy and clung tighter him.

"Miss Vixen it would be wise to left off my clothing"He grolwed I let go as it he words burnt me.

He knelt in front of me "I know what happend Miss Vixen" I was about to say something. put he simply put a finger to my lip. "it would be wise not to upset him as his Father is ery important Man would could us all killed within hours" 

I looked shocked at him "As I can see your as helpess as a sheep in a wolfs den I will teaching you some defences Got it2 I said in a hush voice I  not able to trust my voice 

"Now Peter that name right" He spoke to my Peter purred "please take muss Vixen to infirmary it is straight ahead secand right. I bid you a day Miss Vixen at 7pm sharp"

As he stood his robes swirled around him I watch him leave before Peter happily went on his way of taking my to the infirmary. "What was that" I whispered to my-self.  Not expecting a reply

The End

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