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The process for the re-opening of Night World Academy had taken a lot longer than when I used to live here. All in all it had taken over a month to get all the students into the school whereas before it would take less than a week. Some of the students at first couldn't believe that the letter was real and I ended up having to get some of the staff and prefects to actually visit them door to door. In the odd case when we'd invited students that had parents or a relative that had once studied here, they were reluctant to come because of the school's infamous reputation and they were worried that they would, and I quote "have my blood sucked from my toes". 
I've had to spend a long time with all my new colleagues (Lucius being the only familiar face) creating a structured and rigid syllabus, behavioural policy and security plan. But now it's set, the school can officially start.

2 weeks ago

Lady Quereller spat out her drink in the most un-ladylike way I had ever seen, clearly I hadn't approached this from the right angle.

"Am I being punked?" She asked quizzically. I tried not to smile because I could never imagine a lady of her class using such words.

"No. I am utterly serious. Before the incidents that happened to the school, it had been voted the number 1 academy for magical creatures in Europe and third across the entire Globe. Students that studied here got top marks and attained any job that they could aspire for. The world needs this academy back, and that's where you come in." She paused for a moment and stared at me, serious and unblinking.

"You don't want me to create some sort of force field that prevents evil magic from getting in or something? That's so passé."

"No, I was thinking of something more along the lines of a portal net. It's a defensive spell of ultimate requirements and you are the only one I know of who can actually pull it off. If this works, any evil magic or creature that tries to get past the line at the school will be re-directed to any other part of the world. If I can pull this off, the school will be untouchable."

"You are aware that this is probably illegal. The International Magic School Independence Group does not approve of spells that could endanger the lives of humans. You seem a little desperate to protect your school."

"The IMSIG can learn where to stuff it because if I don't get the school completely watertight from top to bottom, everybody's dream of re-opening the Night World Academy could be ruined. I can't let that happen." 

"All I have to ask you is; is it your ambition to open the school for the rest of the world, or is this really your ambition to open the school for yourself?" I dismissed her silly question and removed a small, hand-woven pouch out of my bag. The smell made her eyes widen, I prayed that my gift would be enough to persuade her.

"This batch is quite... pungent, so this probably is the richest Termagliona that I could have found." I extended my arm for her to take it quickly, the smell was in fact revolting, but throwing up would most certainly be the deal-breaker here. I saw her smile maliciously at me, phew!

"I admire your attempt to bribe me Professor Lomus." She stuck out her hand in earnest; I grinned in appreciation and met her handshake..


"So everyone, today is the start of a new era. What we are all here for is not to stare at the past and the history this school has suffered, but to look towards our future prospects and what this school has to offer to the world. Don't suspect for a second that you're here just to learn a few tricks and pranks, you are here to learn. You all come from families with serious, raw talent, and we are convinced that all of you have serious potential, so if you decide to slack or misbehave then you will be facing our strict behavioural policy. If I'm correct, Professor Svadilfari is in charge of that." I turned my head towards him so that the pupils would as well and he gave a nod of confirmation.
"Of course as well I will try to put pressure on you all to participate in some extra-curricular clubs. For example we have the music group, charm binder class, homework club and the one that I am stressing the most on, the Trouble Hunter's club. This is a new club where you will take what you've learnt from lessons in combating evil magic and take it out into the real world where you put these qualities to the test. This is not mandatory, but if you want to become an equivalent to a crime fighter or work to protect the school then this is the club for you, especially since you will be rewarded for your valid efforts if you do." I paused as I took in all the excited murmurs and whispering before I coughed loudly to regain their attention.

"To start the term on a bright note, I would like to thank everyone for deciding to come to the Night World Academy and to celebrate, later on tonight I've decided to hold a massive feast." A few whoop's and cheers from the students escaped but they quickly stopped as they realised not many people had decided to join in. 

"Well I think that's it for now? Has anyone else got something to add?" Some of the teachers shook their heads while others had decided to completely ignore me and chat to their fellow colleagues. That got me a bit nerved.

"Now before everyone leaves can I just remind you that to get your dormitory keys, lesson timetables and letters from your parents/guardians you need to head off to the canteen. You'll find your envelope on the table that represents your year group and please do this an orderly fashion." My last few words were drowned out as the students already started to file out of the hall. I subtly growled in frustration. Great, I'd sure made my mark as a strict head teacher, I shouldn't have had my fangs removed, I thought.


The End

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