I stood in front of the Gates of the school I thought I would never return to. This school was my own personal living hell, it was a place I despised with every bone that was inside my body. I hade received a letter asking me to be a professor here. Yes I know I am well know for my exelence in potions and the defence again the dark art. But never in my dreams would I thought they would want me back at this place.

The gates creaked open and I levitated my cases towards the building, the doors opened and a man wearing formal clothing walked out fo the building.

“Lucius Svadilfari, I guess you are now Professor  Svadilfari now, welcome the night world academy, it will now be your home until till you wish to leave us. It is a pleasure to have you working with us” He said too enthusiastic for my liking

“Oh the pleasures mine” I drawled “where else would a fool like be go but back to his nightmares Professor Lumos” I sneered

“Come now, no hard feelings I know your time here was not… So desirable but that can change. Let me escort you to your quarters so you can settle in. Tomorrow the students will arrive. We will be greeting them in the great hall. Where I will introduce you as the Professor of potions deputy Head teacher”

I Just nodded in return as I entered the building nothing much had changed sure some wall colours were different but everything was the same. Even the smell.

the living room was perfect. a big open fire black rug in the middle of the room with too bige black sofas and an arm chair near the fire. two big book caes waiting for me to store my most valued books. there was an open plan kitchen, spacious bathroom, a mster bedroom and spare room.

"Just case you heppen to have guest.. for what ever the reason" Lumos awnsered with a strange glint in his eyes.

"Oh also the rules of this school, it is very calm here. Students respect teachers and other students and visa versa. You never Lucius maybe  a student can warm your cold heart up again." He mumbled the ending.

"Nonsense Lumos, I am a professor and that is all I will ever be to the brats that are coming" I sneered.

"Farwell for now Lucius" He smiled

The End

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