I glanced down at the book in my hand before looking back up at the empty space on the book shelf,

‘Well, I guess you go here then.’ I murmured to myself before putting the book on the shelf.

Another look at the clock on the wall told me it was near to closing time, jumping down from the ladder I walked over to where Nina was shutting down the research computers, her black hair coming loose from the ponytail that she had tied it back with.

 ‘Well I’m done for the night.’ I said, picking up a stray coffee cup from one of the tables. Nina glanced over in my direction smiling,

‘Thanks Myles, I don’t know how I’d run the book Café without you!’ Shrugging I moved over to the exit but Nina ran to catch up with me.

‘Oh by the way, there’s a letter for you on the desk.’ I blinked surprised.

‘Really?’Odd, I never get letters. I had been sort of a street kid since I was 10, until Nina’s Grandmother offered me a place to stay when I was 13, and I didn’t have many people who wanted to write to me. I parted ways with Nina at the exit, saying goodnight as we parted ways, heading right to the desk while switching off the lights on my way.

Sure enough on the desk sat a letter addressed to me. Picking it up I headed out of the front door, locking it behind me and stuffing the letter into my pocket. I glanced up and down the dusty street; music could be heard coming from the local bar as I walked down the steps and hopped onto the junk of a machine that I called a motorcycle. After a number of good kicks it finally gave me a spluttering cough before jerking forward slightly, I drove down the road, red dust being kicked up behind me.

I drew up beside a broken down house and hopped off my bike, pushing it up to the front door and pushing it inside (the only way to make sure that I still had a bike in the morning). The house was made up of a single room that was practically bare apart from a small bed in the corner, a small cooking stove in another, a couple of books and a radio. I leant the bike up against the wall before closing the door and switching on the single light that flickered for a moment or two before giving me light. I had decided to move out of abuelas house a couple of months ago; it wasn’t fair to expect an old woman to cope with having an 18 year old boy in the house when she had to look after herself.   I collapsed onto the bed and reached into my pocket, drawing out the letter. I tore it open drawing out another envelope, a letter and some money. I blinked surprised, 

‘What the hell?’ I muttered to myself, placing the money and the letter to the side, deciding to open the envelope. I was surprised to find that it was written in English meaning that I had a hard time understanding it. I could speak the language since we got the occasional tourist at the book café however I had never really learnt how to read English considering that I lived in Mexico.

 After a bit of dodgy translating I was able to work out what the letter read, 

Dear Myles,

You have been accepted to study at the well-known English School: the Night World Academy!

Enclosed are travel expenses, details about your visa and airplane details for the flight over.

Please arrive at the school by the last day of this month.
We look forward to meeting you.
Yours Truly,
The Night World Academy Head Board

 I looked at the letter for a minute.Not much of a choice it seems,I thought glancing at the pile of money I had placed next to me. Getting up I picked up the letter that had been in the first envelop reading over the details for the flight (thankfully written in Spanish) before something jumped out at me,

 ‘Dear Myles,

I know the invitation may be sudden however I believe you shall find something quite interesting if you come to England, something that concerns what happened 8 years ago. I’m sure it’s in your best interest.’

 There was no signature to tell me who it was from but it was certainly enough to convince me to go, 8 years ago was when I had been split apart from my family. I pulled the string out from under my top and stared at the wolf tooth tied to it, it was one of five things that I had from my childhood.

 The next day I went to work to tell Nina that I would not be able to come anymore but it seemed like she had already been told.

 ‘I can’t believe you’re going to England! It’ll be so exciting for you!’ I had known Nina since I was 13, she was probably my only friend, she had inherited the café when she turned 19 and gave me a job knowing that I needed the money.

 ‘And to think, you might be able to find out more about your past!’ She hugged me tightly,

‘But I am going to miss you,’ She sighed, I opened my mouth to respond but she carried on talking, ‘Tell you what! I’ll take you to the Mexico City airport! That is where your flight is right? Of course it is!’ She carried on talking so that I had to grab her arm to speak,

 ‘It won’t be for long Nina,’ I smiled, seeing that she was actually quite sad about the whole situation, ‘I’ll only be going for two weeks at the moment.’ She smiled at me before hugging me.

 And that’s how I ended up here, in Heathrow Airport, and thoroughly lost, I glanced around trying to make sense of the hustle and bustle around me. It had been a 17 hour flight and with a seven hour time difference I was seriously feeling the Jet lag. Following the crowd of people on my flight I made my way over to collect my small amount of luggage, courtesy of Nina, and followed them to passport control (it seemed that this academy had arranged a passport for me too, which was slightly strange).

 Finally I made it to the waiting area where someone held a card with my name on it, I headed towards them and after a quick exchange of words I was heading toward a car. The first thing I noticed about England was the change in temperature, it was freezing! 

I looked outside the car window and was amazed at all the traffic on the roads, I then looked up at the sky and was surprised to find that I couldn’t see the stars very well because of all the lights. Even though it was dark out I was wide awake, it would be 3pm back in Durango but here it was midnight, seriously disorientating. By the time we got to this mysterious Academy it was just past 3 am UK time, I hopped out of the car and looked up at the huge building looming over me. I glanced back at the idle car and pulled my bag out, slamming the door and watching the tail lights disappear down the long, tree-lined, drive.

So here I was. All alone, outside a rather big school, with no idea of where I was meant to go. The front door was always a good choice so I headed towards them but to my dismay they were locked, I felt something on my head and looked up just as rain started to fall, Good old English weather, I thought sourly to myself as I tried to press myself against the wall in order to stay dry.

 A few minutes later I heard people talking and looked towards where the sound was coming from, two people were heading in my direction. As they got closer I saw one was an older man while the other was a teenage, maybe 16 or 17, who had blonde hair that was sticking to his head from the rain. They parted ways, the younger of the two heading in my direction. He noticed me and gave a puzzled look as he headed towards me,

 ‘Hi there, can I help you?’

 ‘Sí, sí,’ I nodded, somewhat disoriented now, ‘Uh, I mean yes! Um I cannot get in,’ I fumbled for the letter to show him. He gave it a quick glance before shrugging and unlocking the door,

 ‘I’ll take you to see Professor Lomus.’ He said walking through the doors,

 ‘Que? Who is Lomus?’ The boy turned round and sighed,

 ‘He’s the headmaster of the Academy, come on.’ I nodded and followed behind the boy, trying to remember the route.

We came to a door which the boy knocked on and entered through, I followed,

 ‘Ah, Porter, how can I help you,’ I turned back round from where I’d shut the door and saw a man heading towards us. The boy, apparently called Porter, pointed towards me and said,

 ‘I found him hanging around outside looking lost.’ I held up a hand in a sort of wave realizing how I must look to the headmaster, a somewhat wet 18 year old boy. To my surprise the headmaster knew who I was,

 ‘Ah, Myles! We thought you weren’t arriving until tomorrow morning.’ I nodded,

 ‘Sí, I caught an earlier flight.’ Porter was grinning at me and I gave him a puzzled look,

 ‘So your Myles! Why didn’t you say so earlier, I’m Porter your dorm mate.’ He held out a hand and I shook it grinning. He continued and said,

 ‘Welcome to Night World Academy!’

The End

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