I smiled gently at the woman - she'd been admitted to the hospital a couple of weeks ago for an operation and was pining for her children.

When I left my herd for the 'normal' world, I knew I'd have to shapeshift a lot: a part human, part lion body? Yeah... not exactly inconspicuous.

I found a part time job in a hospital; all I had to do was turn up for a few hours, make sure the patients' needs were attended to them disappear again. I also rented an apartment with a vampire not five minutes away (just in case I was running late and my change back into Lamia form was imminent).

I wouldn't say my life was awful, merely... deprived of others like me; other supernaturals. Still, it had been my choice to leave my herd. It had been time to go.

Lamia's are naturally viscious and agressive; even towards each other. The males had constantly been fighting one another; fortunately I had avoided most conflicts. My family was a strange one: we raised our children to love - not fight - but even we couldn't resist our instincts to attack.

Well, they couldn't but I could.

I was (for lack of a better word)  a freak of nature. I'd been too gentle in comparison to my herd and sooner or later it would've gotten me killed, so I decided it was time to leave - before it got to that point.

I glanced at my watch. Eight. My roomie should be getting up by now and it was time for my shift to end.

I shot another quick smile at the woman, hoping she'd get to be with her children again soon, and hastily made my way to reception to sign out. I made my way through the streets, head down; avoiding eye contact until I closed the door to my apartment behind me.

"Hey, Ari," Greg (my vamp roomie) greeted my, rubbing his eyes.

"Hi," I waved then closed my eyes in concentration. That peculiar, tingling sensation ran through my body as it shifted shape. When I opened my eyes, I nearly collapsed onto the floor. Gritting my teeth, I strode towards the tiny kitchen to grab some nourishment from the fridge to build up my energy somewhat. I wouldn't be back to normal until I slept for a solid twelve hours but eating helped me to keep going before then.

"Seriously, Greg, we need to get an expansion in this kitchen, mate, this is ridiculous!" I complained. I believe I mentioned it was tiny? I couldn't even turn around when I was in my true form.

"Why waste money on something that won't concern you for much longer?" Greg asked with a raised brow and knowing glint in his eyes. I narrowed my own at him as I backed out of the closet - I mean, the kitchen.

He threw an envelope in my direction. It was open.

"You know, that's against the law," I teased, "I should get you arrested."

Greg rolled his eyes.

I pulled out the letter and read the contents.

Dear Ari Moyo,

You have been accepted to study at the well-known school: the Night World Academy! Please arrive at the school by the last day of this month.

We look forward to meeting you.

Yours truly,
The Night World Academy Head Board


The End

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