Oh God. I actually didn't know that a person could feel this much pain.
I tried desperately to open my eyes, but was immediately blinded by the light. My head was pounding. My throat was dry. I swear, I was dying. I took a deep breath and tried to open my eyes again, I did so slowly, as to allow myself to adjust to the level of light.
'Where the hell am I?'
I looked to my left; sure enough there was the small form of a girl next to me. Redhead. Nice.
I smiled to myself slightly - Gran was going to kill me. I heaved myself to my feet. As I was pulling on my clothes the girl who was bed with me started to stir - what was her name, Harriet? Georgia? It might have been... Melody? God knows. Why should I care?
I hurried at getting my clothes on, then ran out the door, I didn't want to be there when she woke up. I never was.
I ran all the way home, trying to resist the urge to transform to my wolf form, but still using my super speed - no humans were awake, there was no chance of them seeing me, and anyway, since when did humans notice anything?
"Where the hell have you been?!"
"Gran, hi, good morning, just been out on a walk, you know, thought I'd take advantage of the day or whatever..." I smiled sweetly at her, but this only made her look more angry.
"You smell of booze, and you look like hell. Have you been with a girl?" I stared at her, unable to say anything. Gran was the only person alive who I was actually scared of. "Of course you've been with a girl, you always are. Different bloody girl every night. What would your parents think? I don't know what's wrong with you, I really don't...." Gran went on muttering angrily to herself as she made breakfast, the house was immediately filled with the delicious smell of Gran's bacon and eggs. She was the best cook I knew, saying that, she was the best at everything, really.

I took a seat at the table, and Gran slammed my plate down in front of me, still muttering away to herself. I was upset that I’d disappointed her, but I couldn’t help it, I lost control too often.

“By the way,” Gran said loudly, “A letter came for you yesterday, you didn’t get up till late, and then you left, so I took the liberty of opening it for you. You better hurry up getting your things, you don’t have long left.”

'"Better hurry up getting your things”? What was she on about?’

I took the letter that she’d placed in front of me and skimmed it. Then I read it again, slowly.


Dear Asher Greyson,

You have been accepted to study at the well-known school: theNightWorldAcademy! Please arrive at the school by the last day of this month.

We look forward to meeting you.

Yours Truly,
TheNightWorldAcademy Head Board


Brilliant. Just what I wanted.

I’d only just managed to escape education.

“No way am I going.” I said immediately, starting to tear up the letter.

Gran snatched it from me.

“Yes you are, I went there, and so did your parents, you’re going. It might help you learn some discipline, stop you drinking, sleeping around, and beating up people in bars who you don’t even know.”

I rolled my eyes and groaned. There was no use arguing. Gran had decided. I was going.


The End

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