Ok Porter. Calm down. Why are you making such a big deal over such a lousy cleaning job? Because they gave you 16,000 pounds just so you could buy your dream guitar you asshole. As I sat in the Headmaster's office I started to imagine why they would pay someone 16,000 pounds just to get someone to come to their school? I was starting to become nervous and suspicious of the man sitting in front of me.

“So, Porter, let’s be frank here, I don’t take kindly to you being here in my school. The only reason you’re here is because of your mother. You see you’re simply human. The werewolf gene has somehow managed to skip a generation with you, don’t ask me how, I thought that didn’t happen to pure breeds…”

“Did you just say werewolf? Ok, maybe I should leave. I don’t know what I’ve done but somehow I’ve given you the impression that I’m a nut-job who believes in supernatural stuff.” I got out of my seat and started to walk over to the door. It was locked. I was starting to get more creeped out by this guy. The man ignored my feeble attempts to leave and gave me a sort of pitying look.

“Apparently you’re in danger. A group of people- the annoying thing is is that I haven’t even been told who yet- well, they want to kill you. This is supposedly why I was recently contacted by your mother-“

“MY MOTHER IS DEAD YOU PRICK!” I shouted at the top of my voice. “How dare you-“

“-Look, Porter, I distrust you probably just as much as you distrust me. But hear me out when I say that not even I am sure whether it was your mother who asked you to come here or not. But because of your family reputation and your potential vulnerability, I cannot ignore that it would probably be better if you stayed in the school. So…” He drew out a pair of keys. “here is the key to your dorm, now for most of the year the room should be just for you alone, but we do have a foreign exchange student coming over soon for a couple of weeks. His name is Myles I think.”

“What makes you think I would want to stay here?”

“Nothing, but until I know more about you, then I would prefer if you stayed in the safety of our school. And like I stated in the letter, since you haven’t been asked to join classes, you don’t have to, but a colleague of mine- his name is Mr. Svaldifari- has prepared lessons for you. This is mainly to help introduce you better to the supernatural world, a Magic 101 if you will. But, of course you have been employed here as a cleaner and this sheet should give you all the responsibilities you have and when to do them.” He handed over a sheet to me, tidily organised. I was sure this man was slightly crazy. “Oh and your salary is 20 pounds an hour. Have I mentioned everything I need to?”

“You’re having me on, aren’t you?”

“No, Porter, this is for real.” He stood up and put his hand out formally. “Pleased to meet you, Mr. Duncan. Let’s start again on neutral terms again shall we?” I shook it firmly, not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into.

“Actually you’ve never told me who you are?”

“Mr. Lomus. But you may call me Chris.” He pulled a friendly but unsure smile and opened the door for me.

“Oh and by the way, I have one rule I would like you to follow. Do not leave the school grounds without supervised permission, ok? I’m only saying that because after dark, outside this school, things can get a little dangerous.” He gave me a knowing smile as I walked down the corridor and he closed the door.

I couldn’t do this. I hadn’t even told my guardian about the arrangements yet and I needed to give her a call. She was probably freaking out right now. Just as the caretaker was locking up the large double doors at the entrance to the school, I pushed through, already dialing Sue’s number as I walked through.

“Hey! Stop! You’re not supposed to go out of the school!” The caretaker started running after me I think, but when I turned around he was no longer there. Hmm, weird. Sue picked up.

“Hey Porter, how are you?” Her voice sounded strangely timid, usually a lot more independent and bubbly.

“Umm fine, you okay?”

“Yeah yeah I’m okay. Could you come home, uh, I need to talk to you.” She sounded scared, serious.

“Yeah, course.” I started to walk over the little bridge that connected Draper Street and the school. Then, blackout…


I blinked open my eyes, my vision was substantially blurred. All I could see two figures standing over me with masks covering their mouths, were they doctors?

“Has the solution of blood been prepared?”

“Yes, the process is almost complete.”

“Good, but just for good measure give him an extra dose of the Pethidine/Valium cocktail. That way he won’t remember anything he sees from here on or anything he’s already seen.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because he’s just opened his eyes you idiot.” I felt a very faint pain start to ease as I drifted back into a blackout…


“Porter. Porter! Wake up! How are you feeling?” I opened his eyes to see Mr. Lomus staring at me worriedly. I realised that I was in some sort of infirmary.

“Yeah I’m okay. What happened?”

“That’s what I’d like to know. We found you outside the double doors on the other side of the door. I told you not to leave the school grounds.” He frowned at me, still looking worried.

“Yeah, well I apologise” trying to sound professional in front of him. The nurse came over to me and gave me a small orange drink to take, I felt better almost instantly. Everyone was looking at me expectantly, like they knew what I was going to say.

“So, where’s my mop?”



The End

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