Their scent filled my nose and made my muscles tense. I knew what I had to do, I had been given my orders and I had to protect the group that ran with me. However the temptation to go in for kill was fighting within me. I crouched down moving along my stomach not making a sound; the others held back waiting for any orders and seeing how far I would push my ability.

“Erin what are you doing?”Sasha asked through the pack mind link.

“I’m just checking something.”I replied picking up on another scent, suppressing a growl and moved closer. They had a young wolf club, the club wasn’t one of our own but that wasn’t the point and some vampires weren’t choosey over their meals.

“There know your there, Erin stop wait.”Matt added nudging the back of my hind leg.  

Then I felt her presence and her words were simple but still had the commanding effect on me.“Erin, stop this right now.”I forced my legs to stop, my tail moved slightly and I heard her paws make their way towards me.

“You’ve come too far, if you carry on then you would jeopardise everyone positions and then we would all be dead. Do you want that?”Her golden hunters’ eyes board into me.“I understand your need, but for now this is not your fight.”

“This is my fight.”I thought back trying to hold back my snarl.“These a club involved, I can take the club while your group take care of the vampires.”

“Erin we know the plan now go home.”She told me and looked towards the other three wolfs.“Thank you for leading us, we can take it from here.”

“But Alex-”

She moved closer to me standing higher but still hidden from view, jaw opening slightly and showing who the alpha around here was.

“Back down Erin, you know she’s right. Now go.”Reece the back beta warned coming near the alpha side.

I gave them a slight nod narrowing my eyes at the alpha and took off with Sasha and Matt, digging my crawls into the dirt, running and leaping through the forest gaining speed.

The sun was just setting as I entered through the backdoor of my house and carefully I closed the door grabbing the cookie jar.

“Erin Divine get your tail in here right now.” My mum’s voice called sending shivers down my arms. This wasn’t going to be good. And as I walked into the dining room and saw my dad’s stormy expression I knew that I was going to be in the dog house-no punt intended.

“So explain to us again why you had this human boy by the neck, whiles standing in the corridor and how he managed to have a bleeding lip?” My dad asked sounding very much like a police inquiry, mum had excused herself to finish preparing dinner and I was getting tired explaining myself when they already had the evidence.

“Look, I know that I should of left the humans to their own problems but dad seriously the girl was nearly in tears and haven’t you always said to stand up for others?”  

“Yes but, mostly when dealing with humans it’s best not to show how strong you are and how many times have we told you not to kick off in school.” My dad sighed rubbing his temples. “Your sister was never like this. Alexandra was able to control it.”

“What about him?” I asked knowing it was touchy ground talking about him. My dad opened his mouth but my mum came in then, running a hand through her short black hair and my alpha/ sister Alexandra also came in.

“How was the hunt?” Dad asked looking up with thoughtful deep blue eyes.

Alexandra looked to me seeing my face and smiled slightly. “It was a success, Erin done well tracking them down and lead her group correctly. But Erin you must understand the danger that you nearly got into.” She looked back to dad. “Over all the pack worked well taking down the vampires and rescuing the wolf club.”

“What wolf club?” Mum asked bringing the plates and utensils in setting the table. “Are you stopping for dinner Alex?”

“Yes and Erin picked up on the wolf club, when we came I picked up the Stone Cross scent from the club. Will and Mike are taking the club back to Stone’s pack.”

Alexandra explained more but I tuned out, tucking into my dinner and too lost in my own thoughts to hear my name being called until someone hit my leg.

“Hey.” I said broken from my daze and brought back to reality.

“Erin I said for the tenth time, that you had a letter in the post today and I think you should open it.” My mum said pacing me the envelop and everyone stopped talking waiting to see what it could all be about-well everyone except my dad who was wearing a knowing look.

 ‘Dear Miss Erin Divine

You have been accepted to study at the well-known School The Night World Academy! You will be picked up from you home within two weeks at this very hour.

We look forward to meeting you

Yours Truly

The Night world Academy Head Board’

“You want me to move?” I gasped gripping the paper a mixture of feelings floated in my head. “You want me out the pack?”

“Erin this is a great school that can teach you more, your gain more knowledge and your be around different students like yourself. These offers don’t come around that often and when they do you’ve got to take them and embrace it.” Dad informed me. Looking at mum I could see the worry in her eyes and something else I couldn’t pick up on.

“Dad right Erin, think I’m jealous that I’m not coming with you.” Alexandra smiled at me, but like my mum I could see that she was holding back something and I didn’t like it.


The End

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