Even among the supernatural I was treated like the plague although in some cases I am, quite literally, the plague. So why should today be any different? I watched as yet another person crossed to the other side of the street and mused to myself that I didn’t really mind, I have this thing about personal space which has long stuck with me. Shifting the bag on my shoulders to a more comfortable position I came to a small bridge that was used to cross a small creek, in fact it was so small I could just walk over it without the use of the bridge although it did act as the metaphoric divider between the supernatural and humans.
I looked around before crossing the bridge and heading down a couple of alleyways before coming out into an open area, there was a single two story house sitting smack bang in the middle of the space which I headed towards, I glanced down to make sure I didn’t fall over the steps.

‘Meo? Is that you?’ I glanced up to see Amica standing in the doorway, shading her eyes from the sun and peering down at me.

‘Yes, it’s me. I’m guessing you don’t have any clients at the moment?’ I came up to the doorway and waited for Amica to move so that I could get in.

‘Nope, Lucy was the last for today. Seems as if the fever has left her son now thanks to the herbs you helped me gather.’ I looked at Amica for a moment and noted how she had yet again dyed her hair, this time to a dark red colour, which was tied back in a ponytail; her dazzling blue eyes took in the t-shirt and jeans I was wearing.

‘So I see you decided to wear more ‘normal’ clothes now.’ I snorted and glanced down at the white t-shirt.

‘Trust me, it wasn’t a choice, it just so happens that somehow,’ I gave a pointed look to Amica, ‘My clothes have disappeared, although I should mention that next time you summon on of your buddies to take my clothes and hide them tell them to not leave their smell behind.’

Amica smirked at me, her eyes sparkling like a five year old that had been caught stealing a cookie from the jar but knowing they would get away with it. Honestly for a 21 year old Shaman she really did act like a ten year old half the time. If it had been anyone else, well let’s just say it wouldn’t have been pleasant for them, but I owed Amica and we shared a sense of understanding. I touched the red ribbon around my neck and glanced at the one that Amica had tied around her wrist, although she didn’t really need it. Being a Shaman Amica has a strong spirit, even if she was only human (although I sure somewhere she has a small amount of witch blood in her), meaning that she wasn’t effected by my aura but she wore it more to show that we were friends if anything.

Amica followed behind me as I walked into the kitchen and placed the bag on the table. Amica waited for me to move before reaching into the bag and drawing out the various jars and pouches that contained the different material needed for her ‘potions’. Amica was almost like a witch doctor for human and offered her services for a small fee; I usually chose to stay away from the house when Amica had clients.

I sighed quietly to myself and once again glanced at Amica who was busy putting the supplies away, it must have been ten years almost since Amica and me met, before that, well sometimes it’s hard to think that I used to be like that, moving from city to city, stealing food to survive and then being chased out of town when I was discovered, usually by other Supernatural creatures, or worse, hunters.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I realized Amica had stopped unpacking and instead was holding an envelope in her hands looking slightly confused.

‘What is it?’ I asked, not really that interested.

‘I don’t know, it’s addressed to you, I found it in your bag.’ It was my turn to look confused,

‘What? I don’t remember seeing it, I’m sure it wasn’t there before and I doubt anyone slipped it in.’ Amica placed it on the table in front of me and I stared at it for a moment before picking it up in my hands.  After a moment of hesitation I tore it open and pulled out a piece of paper inside.

Dear Meoquanee,

You have been accepted to study at the well-known school: the Night World Academy! Please arrive at the school by the last day of this month.

We look forward to meeting you.

Yours Truly,
The Night World Academy Head Board

I scoffed slightly when I read the words ‘… to meeting you.’  Sure as hell they want to meet an Acheri.

‘Night world Academy?’ I read more to myself then Amica,

‘Oh h oho! The Night World Academy?! I thought that place had shut down! So they decided to re-open after 20 years?’ I stared blankly at Amica who took the letter from my hands and read it.

‘End of the month? Hmm isn’t that only in five days?’ I blinked, shocked,

‘Wait,what? I don’t even want to go!’ Amica gave me a look and said,

‘It’s a great opportunity and plus you won’t have to worry about being chased away by hunter’s or other creatures since the school has a ‘zero bullying’ policy. Also you should attend; you haven’t been to school for a while and I won’t be able to look after you forever.’   I gave her a doubtful look,

‘It’ll be a new experience, just try it?’ Seriously, sometimes Amica really pushed her luck with how tolerant I was with her but she saw that I was swayed and clapped her hands.

Well, it looks like I’m heading to Night World Academy then.I thought to myself.


The End

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