My kick hit home and my opponent - I couldn't remember his name - grunted as he stumbled backwards. I moved forward to deliver a few quick blows to finish the fight when a voice called out to me.

"Enough," the voice commanded sharply. I froze. I knew that voice as well as my own; how many times had it sung to me?

Slowly, I loosened my muscles and turned to face the body that went with the voice. I saw blonde hair and golden eyes that matched her bronze skin. She was a golden glory. She was a Fairy.

She also happened to be my saviour.

And my condemner.

Orelia Ivey smiled sunnily at me; deliberately ignoring my dark glower, “Hello, Anya, can I have a word?”

“Like I have a choice,” I muttered. I walked over to my things at the edge of the fighting hall. Ever since Orelia had cast a spell so that I would have a Human form, I really was as pathetic as a Human. I had no magical talents, nothing special to give me an edge – just marginally heightened senses. I’d taken the time to learn all arts of combat: I wasn’t going to let other supernatural beings talk down at me just because I had a Human body.

Still, it was better than the alternative; unless the situation was dire.

Goodness knows how many lives Orelia saved when she changed me. She couldn’t change my nature entirely nor could she bring herself to kill a child; not even a bloodthirsty killer child like me.

Orelia guided me the best she could: almost becoming a guardian to me. However, she could not neglect her other duties so she often left me alone. I’d always wander off. She’s find me and be angry until she realised that it was better that she not subject others to my vicious company.

She, too, began to leave me more and more so I was free to become a nomad. Orelia’s one condition was that I keep her up to date of my whereabouts yet she hadn’t visited me in at least two years.

That would explain why I was so filled with dread at what this might mean.

“Geez, stop looking like the sky has just crashed down on you,” Orelia rolled her eyes.

I just stared mutely. She sighed.

Orelia gestured for me to follow her. Reluctantly, I allowed her to lead me outside and to a nearby park bench. As usual, I attracted stares since I towered over everyone around me. I ignored them.

“What is it?” I demanded, sullenly, crossing my arms and slouching on the bench like a grumpy teenager – which, to be fair, I was.

“I was given a letter to pass on to you a couple of days ago,” Orelia pulled out a pristine envelope. She handed it to be. I frowned and flipped it over. I stared at the seal with a raised brow.

“No,” I shook my head, “No way.”

Orelia sighed. “At least open it, Anya.”

I growled at her but did as she asked. I pulled out the letter.

Dear Miss Anya Ivey,

You have been accepted at the well-known school: the Night World Academy! Please make your way to the school premises by the last day of this month.

We look forward to meeting you.

Yours Truly,

The Night World Academy Head Board

I reread one line, ‘We look forward to meeting you’. I snorted; they were either lying
or fools. No one should look forward to meeting me.

“There,” I flicked it back at Orelia. “I read it. It was a good laugh. Are you happy now? I won’t go, so please just send a reply to the,” I sneered at the envelope, “the Night World Academy telling them I decline the acceptance.”

I stood to walk away but her voice stopped me again.

“I think you should go,” Orelia said, “It’s be good for you to be around other supernaturals.”

I laughed bitterly, “In case you haven’t noticed I’m not a supernatural. I’m Human. I won’t go; I don’t want to.”

Orelia stood, “With the power my voice has over you, Tarasque Dragon, I command you to go to the Night World Academy. You shall remain there and work hard. You’re a teenager, Anya, it’s time you acted like one.”

I groaned as the strength of her command battered against my resistant mind. The agony grew until I collapsed onto the bench. Any could sing to me to get me to return to Human form but Orelia was the one to cast that spell on me so she could command me to do anything she wished if she felt she had to.

“Yes, my Lady,” I forced out, “I shall do your bidding.”

“Good, I’m sorry to force you to do this but it’ll be good for you, Anya,” Orelia stood. She bent to kiss my forehead but flinched when she leaned back and saw my fierce look of anger at her betrayal.

“Sorry,” she muttered. With that, she walked away. I sat there, unmoving, until night fell and darkness swallowed me up. I let loose a deep sigh before rising.

It seemed I would be going to the Night World Academy after all.

The End

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