The hustle and bustle of the black market should be comfort for someone like my-self being able to blend in is key when your an outsider. However when one is stook in a wheel chair in a magical community there is no chance and hiding from the glances down at you.

My wheel chair stops in the moody of the street, you see its not no ordaniary human wheel chair. Well it was but I enchanted its not kind of alive.
"Peter please I need to get to the library I have to get to work to day" I plaeded with him, my wheeel chair, he simply growled and shaked.

"Fine Ill push" I sounded like he laughed as I grabbed the wheels and began to push my self down the street.

As I entered the library I was comforted by the sweet smell of new books and lemon tea. I looked up to see Mrs Hufflepuff at the desk being harrased my a some strange guy in a cloak.

 The mystery man Slammed his hand don"Dont you get it women I need that book now it has very important potion instructions you Craz-"

I coughed and he whirled round to face me, glaring I meet his eye level challagin his glare.

"My I help you sir" I said sickly sweet

"Im looking for Profesor loom's book and advanced potions and charms" Yes sir right this way. " I headed down one of the corridors and a sharp left to the potions sections just near the charms end. I pulled my wand out beside me and levitate the book from the top shelp to his reach. Just as was about to reach it I made it go higher.

"Never Talk to the staff of this place like that again, Or I will make sure you Pay" I growled.

"Hmmm and what can you do your mixed blooded, I can smell you from hear and your in a wheel chair" I sneered.

" Peter growled very loudly and moved forward and ramming him in the ankles with that I dropped the book ladding on his head.

"I dont care if your a well know Wizard or not get out NOW"I screached he stormed off with cloack billowing behind him.


As soon as I got home I placed my cat on my lap, he was black apart from her pours looked like they were dipped in white pain, I named him boots. "You wont believe the day I had boots He meowed and rubbed his cheek against my hand.

Just as the a leeter came flying through the letter box and landed on my legs.

I opended it and gasp in shock.

Dear Miss Melody Vixen

You have been accepted to study at the well known School The Night world academy! You will be picked up from you home within two weeks at this very hour.

We look forward to meeting you

Yours Truly

The Night world Academy Head Board

"Boots, its look like we going to be moving again" I muttered more to my self.

The End

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