As I made the boat I felt a huge wave of weariness wash over me. I waited as everyone got over their various states of surprise and get on. When everyone was on I sighed and moved over to the controls. Pretty boy from Italy was already there trying to figure out the controls. I gave him a quick rundown of how to steer the boat and then found a place on the deck to pass out. The boat wasn’t that big…I didn’t have enough energy to create a big boat in one go. So all there was was the cock-pit, a top deck and a lower deck with a stove, pantry, and about enough room for two people to sit comfortably…hopefully it wouldn’t storm or we were all going to be miserable. That was about the last thing I thought about before falling asleep, tucked under a bench near the edge of the boat.

I yawned and stretched myself awake. The sky was such a velvety indigo I felt that I could almost reach out and stroke it. The crescent moon hung brightly, one of the many lights that pricked the sky. After another stretch I crawled out from under the bench. I was sore but otherwise refreshed. There was no way I was going to be getting back to sleep again. So I quickly decided to pay a visit to the bottom floor and see if I couldn’t get myself something to eat.

I started down to the bottom floor when I heard a sound. It was a muffled scream. I rushed down to see what the problem was but just as I turned the corner I saw animal girl and one of the guys…I think his name was Alex…tied up and a man in a black mask standing in front of them. His back was to me so I quickly ducked back behind the corner. What in the world was this? Both their mouths had been duct taped and they were hogtied with their faces to the floor. Whoever had been in there with them couldn’t have had good intentions.

I was sure there was no one else but our group on the boat…I had created it and I had watched everyone get on. That meant it had to be one of the group…there was someone on here who we couldn’t trust. I thought about going and getting the others…but what if they were involved too? Animal girl and…was it Andrew?, Alex, anyways they had looked genuinely scared and so I decided to screw a lid on my pessimism and give them the benefit of the doubt. I took another careful peek around the corner and saw that whoever it was seemed to be unarmed except for a knife. I didn’t want to try to tackle him myself…I wasn’t a particularly good hand-to-hand fighter…while I was relatively strong I had no training at all and so if whoever it was had any I would just end up dead or seriously injured and in a bad spot. Still, I didn’t like having betrayal aboard my boat and so I was going to have to find some way to get rid of the guy. Eventually I came up with an idea. I went back to the bench I had been sleeping under and turned it into an AK-47. Then I decided to scout the whole boat to make sure that no one was going to be alerted if I had to use it.

Everyone was tied up! All of them! I even did a head count! The whole team was tied up and guarded! Most of them were in the cockpit and guarded by one guard. The mind reader was under guard at the front of the boat and then there were the two in the bottom of the boat. I guess the kidnappers must have missed me because I was under the bench. I looked at the AK in my hands and decided it would attract too much attention. Carefully and with as little transformation as possible I made a silencer for it from my shirt…I would have found something else if there had been anything else…but you don’t keep loose items on deck and I couldn’t go anywhere else because it was all…occupied…

I finally decided I was ready to start freeing people. I figured the mind reader girl would be the easiest to free first because I might be able to talk to her without her captor knowing. So I crept up to a corner where I couldn’t be seen by the masked man or mind reader girl.HEY! MIND GIRL!I screamed in my thoughts. No reaction.HEY!Still no reaction. She just stared out disconsolately toward the sea. I grimaced and tried one last time, screaming as loudly as I possibly could in my mind.HEY, YOU! YES I’M TALKING TO YOU! THE ONE WHO CAN HEAR MY STUPID THOUGHTS!

The girl turned around as if she had heard something and I said it again. This time telling her to look my way and making myself just barely visible to her. She looked at me and nodded slightly.

Look, I need you to distract your guard so I can get close enough to threaten him without the danger of shooting you…

She looked at me like I was crazy and I shrugged…you want to get saved or not? Because I can always just leave you there and save the others if you like. Or if you want I could throw you overboard when this is all done.That didn’t seem like such a bad idea…maybe I could just take a piece of this boat and leave them all here and go home…that didn’t seem like a bad idea at all…I had warned them this was all going to end in pain. I did warn them…and here was my chance once again to wash my hands of all this stupidity.

Mind reader must have heard the way I was thinking because she scowled at me and turned her attention on her guard. After a short while she took off her shoe and threw it into the water beside the guard. The guard immediately walked over to the edge and I ran up and slammed him across his head as hard as I could with the butt of my AK. He sunk immediately to the ground and I went to mind reader to untie her. “Time to go save the rest of them…” I whispered to mind-reader after we had tied the guard up and duct-taped his mouth shut. 

The End

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