Elle had a pretty amazing power although had a bad affect after she used it. Marcos ran to catch her and we all ran to the beach. Looking back we saw the lava come closer towards us.

“Liv you can’t change into a big whale or something can you?” Elliot asked.

“I can only do certain animals…sorry to say that whales aren’t one of them.” I replied.

“What are we going to do? We can’t out run that!” Aimee pointed at the lava that was getting closer to us.

“We can out run it, give me a sec.” Zacklone jogged over to some remaining tree branches and started moving them around.

“Oh great he’s making a raff outta trees, this should be done in no ti…” In one blink of my brown eyes a big luxury speed boat appeared.

“Hop aboard shipmates.” Rose said running up the ladder, everyone followed.

Once on board Juliane, Alex and Rose went over to the controls organizing where we were headed, Zack and Antonio were pressing buttons and steering us away from the island. Marcos and Elliot went on a tour of the boat, while me and Aimee watched as the island got smaller and smaller until there was nothing but the deep blue ocean. We were both quite taking in the view, listening to the others bicker and lost in our own thoughts. My eyelids started to feel heavy; the gentle rocking of the boat was making me tired and I curled up into a ball on the small sofa like a cat.

“Liv, Liv.”Someone strong hands were rubbing my arm.“Hey Liv come on wake up.”

I growled slightly under my breath and opening my eyes. “Um whh…what?” Rubbing my eyes I saw Alex bending in front of me. “Hi.”


“Morning?” I questioned looking up out the windows, the sky was bluely purple and a few stars dotted about.

“Well technically it is in England; at a guess I’ll say hmm 2 or 3 a clock.” Alex smiled.

I sat up stretching my arms, taking my hair band out and running my fingers through my long golden hair. “So I guess I missed a lot then.”

“Not really, just dinner Antonio and Rose cooked and save you some. Everyone else is pretty much asleep.” Alex informed me as I pulled my hair back up.

“Fancy joining me? I don’t really like eating alone.” I sighed thinking of my family, how dinner was always family time. “We could take something for Zack to.”


“Well guessing he’s driving the boat.” I headed down the stairs to the kitchen hearing Alex footsteps behind me.

I opened the door and Alex flicked the light on and we both froze seeing an uninvited guested on the boat.

“Well, well two superheroes for the price of one.”  

The End

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