Elle: Oh, great

We ran away from the volcano, as people generally do when threatened with death-by-Pompeii. I wondered if my power to control fire would extend to cover lava too, but I decided that now was not the time to test that theory.

White sand loomed up ahead; a sparkling blue sea stretched out beyond. We had no further to run.

"How the hell are we meant to pass this phase?!" someone yelled. I didn't know who, I wasn't very good with names.

"'Scuse me, guys," I said, pointing my hands at the ground. I pulled upwards on the air, and the ground followed, a wall of earth rising between us and the lava. 

Naturally, the lava defied me, breaking through the barrier. I groaned in annoyance, and pushed air towards it, trying to hold it back.

I think everyone else must have been in shock about something or other, because noone else was doing anything. The fiery river halted somewhat, but I knew it wasn't going to last.

"Could I have a hand?" I asked. I didn't see if anyone actually did, because my strength ran out and rather typically, I fainted.


Sorry for the shortness.

The End

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