Rose Jackson

I sat by the fire shivering, I knew Zack had already taken a dislike to me, but to make a blanket for everyone but me was just plain rude. I had been kidnapped from Cali, I was wearing my summer clothes and I was sure it was almost below freezing. He was from Greenland; he should be able to cope with the cold weather. I rocked forward and back, my face wore a scowl which I couldn’t remove, I began to wonder if I could also send messages into people’s minds. I began to chant ‘make me a blanket’ over and over in my head, directing the thoughts at Zack, miraculously – or coincidently – he suddenly got up and draped his big coat over my shoulders. I wished I had been listening into his thoughts to see what went through his mind, but I couldn’t care less now, I was warming up and could almost fall asleep.

The following morning Zack looked a lot worse than he usually did, I handed back his coat and he snatched it out my hands and put it on, I smiled and then went to stand by Elliott. We continued down the path, I listened to people’s thoughts and relayed them to Elliott, we had a toilet break and soon Elliott and I were lagging behind. I took this as my chance to inform him of my suspicions,

“Elliott,” I took his arm, “There’s something I need to tell you,”

“Shoot,” he said glancing at my face,

“Well you know that girl that brought us all together? Well, I was reading her mind. I was trying to catch all the thoughts that she kinda threw to the back of her mind. It seemed that she knew what I could do, and so she tried not thinking certain things. But, I think I caught something important, and I’m trying to make sense of it.” I blurted out; it felt good to get off my chest, I could hear his thoughts chink together,

“Okay…what was it?” he asked,

“Well, she seemed to already know that we were going to crash and explore around. It was like she wanted it…” I said slowly, at the time I hadn’t realised that the pictures suppressed in her mind were of us, the realisation was like a strong sense of déjà-vu.s.

“You mean she was trying to kill us?” he asked angrily,

“No, it was like she was testing us or something. I don’t know it’s hard to explain, I only grabbed pieces of it. But that's the only thing that makes sense. I mean, she wouldn't have gone through the trouble of taking us to an airport when she could have just teleported us straight to the site, and if she wanted us dead it would be much easier to take us to the bottom of the ocean or something and kill us that way.” Elliott didn’t respond instead he put his arm around my shoulder as we caught up with the group, he explained my suspicions to everyone and they were all as silent as Elliott. I tuned into their thoughts instead…

‘What does this mean?’

‘What should we do now?’

‘Is she good or bad?’

“Guys!” I broke the spoken silence, “I say we don’t trust her,”

“She does sound fishy,” Alex agreed,

“I didn’t trust her from the start,” Zack said almost to himself, we all ignored him,

“What now then?” Elle asked, she was pretty quiet but seemed nice when she did speak,

“I’ll help you out on that one,” said a new voice, we all turned to face our new guest, a man stood in our midst, he smiled as we all retreated away from him, “there’s no need to be afraid,” he purred, he had the same eyes as the woman at the airport.

“Who are you?” Juliane asked, her accent strong,

“My name is unimportant,” he smiled again and began to pace around the circle slowly, “your names are unimportant,” he added,

“You’ll find the better question is…what are you?” Elliott said darkly,

“You’ll find that you and I, Elliott, are not that different,” he put his arm around his shoulders; Elliott immediately pushed him away and took a step away glaring. “Well let me first congratulate you for passing phase one with flying colours!” he began to clap by himself, we began to group closer together, he seemed slightly crazy and unaware. His thoughts were also uninteresting; they were just the same as his actions. “Are you ready to move onto phase two?”

“Hang on;” I spoke out, “what are these phases?”

“Rose!” he said it as if he was surprised I was here…as if he knew me, “If the mind reader does not know what they are then you have failed your part,”

“Wait…what?” I stepped forward,

“I’ll help you out my dear as you obviously were not paying attention,” he smiled as I glared at him,

“When we met last in the airport I explained…”

“We didn’t meet you in the airport!” Olivia said confused, “We met a woman!”

“I change, I never stay in the same form more than one day…it gets tedious,” he smiled and continued as if he had had no interruption, “explained that you were to get on the plane to Switzerland, that was a lie…obviously, the plane was meant to crash and you were meant to survive in the wilderness, both tasks  you accomplished, hence my clapping,” he began to clap again, he stopped when he saw all our faces.

“So you’re the same person as the woman we met?” Aimee cleared,

“Yes,” he smiled as his body twisted and writhed into a new human shape, it was a little boy, “it’s one of my powers to fall into one of the best disguises,” the child said with a much higher voice than the previous form of the man had had.

“What do we call you?” Alex asked,

“I said already, names are unimportant,” the boy said angrily, he suddenly smiled up at all of us, “good luck in phase two!” he smiled and suddenly disappeared. We stood there in silence for a good twenty seconds,

“Was it me, or did that actually happen?” Elliott asked,

“No…that happened alright,” I muttered,

“So she’s a he, and he’s a she and he-she is an adult and a child?” Alex said quickly,

“Let’s appoint a name, we can’t continue calling him..her, whatever he/she is,”

“How about Drew? It suits both male and female,” Elle opted,

“Yeah, sure Drew works,” Zack smiled, I didn’t know how he knew, he was from Greenland – his real name was Zackone for goodness sake!

“Ermm guys,” said Antonio slowly, it was the first time he’d spoken in a long time, but little did we know that he had been paying attention to a bigger issue than a name.

“What’s wrong?” Aimee asked,

“That,” Antonio pointed at the huge surge of volcanic lava flowing down the mountain,

“I DON'T THINK WE'RE IN ITALY ANYMORE!” Alex shouted as we all turned began to run away from the mountain, the scenery had changed before our eyes and we instead of heading through more forest we were now running towards white sand and blue sea…we were deserted on a desert island, with an erupting volcano. I think we had made it to phase two.

The End

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