Elliot: Well that was good to know!

We trekked through the forest quietly. Though we were all bursting with questions, most of us had moved on from the talkative stage to the shut-up-and-think stage. Groups had formed, but rather than chatting it up, they whispered among each other, and looked solemn as the walked.

“I have a feeling the reality of the situation has set in,” I whispered to Rose, who I had ended up walking next to.

“Everyone is scared, they know the gravity of the situation,” Rose murmured, her eyes glazed over.

“Many are wondering exactly what we're meant to do.” I realized she was mind reading, and I quickly made sure I wasn't thinking anything I didn't want her to see, like the fact that I really had to pee.

“I'll wait here, there's a nice tree right over there,” she grinned, pointing off in the distance. I mimicked her girly voice, but ran over anyways and gave a sigh of relief as I emptied my bladder.

By the time I was back, the others had gone on, and Rose was sitting patiently on a fallen log. She grinned knowingly when she saw me, and we continued on. We caught up easily enough, everyone was tiring, and I noticed that others were missing.

“Where have Alex, Olivia, and Marcos gone off to?” I asked. Rose giggled. “Oh,” was all I said as I noticed some figures, standing quite close to trees, off in the distance.

“I vote we go home once we reach the town thing,” Zack argued with Aimee, they were apparently in a large debate.

“But we have to save something! I don't want to be hunted down!” She exclaimed, stamping her foot down.

“I don't want to risk my life for something I don't even know is a real threat! And none of us know how to save the world anyway.” He argued, looking very sure of his position.

“We got this far, didn't we?” Liv interjected, siding with Aimee.

“But how much farther can we really get?” he argued back.

“Look, I think we should just get to safety, and then figure out what to do. When we have good food in our bellies, I think everyone will be much happier.” I stepped in. Zack slunk off, and Aimee looked fine enough with the idea, though she seemed determined to help out, bless her.

Juliane continued walking, her face made it clear that she really just wanted to be alone, so I figured on walking with Rose for a while longer. She was the only one I really knew, and everyone else seemed deep in thought about what they would do once we reached civilization.

“Elliot,” Rose started, grabbing onto my arm. “There's something I need to tell you.”

“Shoot,” I told her, wondering what it was that plagued upon her. Her face looked determined, but also frustrated. I knew something had been eating at her, but I had thought I should just bide my time and if she wanted to tell me then he'd say. Now, she was saying.

“Well, you know that girl that brought us all together? Well, I was reading her mind. I was trying to catch all of the thoughts that she kinda threw to the back of her mind. I seemed that she knew what I could do, and so she tried not thinking certain things. But, I think I caught something important, and I'm trying to make sense of it.”

“Okay... what was it?”

“Well, she seemed to already know that we were going to crash and explore around. It was like she wanted it.”

“You mean, she was trying to kill us?” I asked, anger started to boil.

“No, it was like, she was testing us or something. I don't know, it's hard to explain, and as I said I only grabbed pieces of it. But that's the only thing that makes sense. I mean, she wouldn't have gone through the trouble of taking us to an airport when she could have just teleported us straight to the site, and if she wanted us dead it would be much easier to take us to the bottom of the ocean or something and kill us that way.” I thought about it, and what Rose said made sense. However, a new distrust started forming in my mind. I normally trusted people easily by their faces, my mom had told me I was good at reading people. I had originally thought this strange girl was safe. Now, I wasn't quite so sure what to believe.

The End

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