I lay curled up under the blanket that Zack had given us. I breathed deeply trying to get to sleep but I was too restless. My thoughts were a tumble in my head making it impossible to relax.

First: that woman with violet eyes had beaten up my boyfriend before kidnapping me. That made it difficult to trust her - contradictory, I know, considering I willingly boarded that plane.

Second: someone had tried to kill us before we'd even done anything yet.

Third: I was camping in a foreign country with strangers who all had powers.

I'd always known that there was something odd about me but if I did have a power then it was so subtle I didn't even know what it was.

I sighed softly; why did I have a feeling that the only people who could tell me were either this Jamie Perkins or a woman with violet eyes?

I forced all thoughts from my mind and focused on the deep, even breathing of my companion before slipping into unconsciousness.


Someone was shaking me and my eyes shot open to see Liv's face.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty," she chuckled and I swatted at her playfully. I rubbed sleep from my eyes and jumped to my feet.

"Don't tell me you're a morning person," Alex mumbled and I grinned.

"Don't worry, I won't," I teased. In truth, I adored mornings and found them the best part of the day to go outside because everything was so fresh.

Zack was wordlessly gathering the blankets. He didn't look good - he was blue actually - but I figured he wouldn't appreciate my saying so.

Someone - Antonio, I think - handed me some food and I wolfed it down.

"Are we ready to go?" a low voice grumbled, "The sooner we get moving the better." Several people rolled their eyes but nodded. I turned to the Chinese girl.

"Which way, Ma'am?" I grinned. I learnt my lesson: Don't argue with this girl when it came to directions.

She ignored me and headed into the woods; all of us following like dutiful school children.

The End

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