Who would think that a trip to the ladies rest room would be such a drama? One thing was for sure next time I go on a plane, I'll be staying in my sit and waiting until I'm on dry land before going to the rest rooms. As soon as I shut the door the plane begins to shake. I couldn't get a grip on the door and was swung in the tiny space not liking being trapped...well like an animal. I was shaking now, whimpering to myself and feeling more lost wanting everything to stop. The door suddenly opened and my body knocked into someone who picked me up, moving me and gently placing on my feet. It took me a while to realise that I was still whimpering uncontrollably. Taking some deep breaths I eventually calmed down, trying to stop my nervous hands from ripping my long blond hair out.

Eventually we got organized and started hiking getting to know one and other in our small groups that we walked in. I had to admit that Alex's power was pretty handy when he helped to heal Aimee arm, but I could see how it tired him slightly. We walked and walked I was starting to feel hungry so where the others. Well we didn't really have our inflight meal.   

We decided to split up and search for food. I wanted to change badly just to run- stretch my legs as it were. And the others didn't know my power. I knew my cheetah form like the back of my hand, after all these years really since that day...mentally I shook my head focusing on my form and felt my body change hearing some gasp seeing my golden fur and black as the night spot coat and smiled my sharp teeth cheeky as I could and dashed off.

My big golden eyes found the sparkling cool waterfall even if it was a grey colour, but my nose and tongue conformed that it was water. I pouched back to the others making some jump again and shown them what I had found. I found it hard to change back and Antonio caught my golden eyes with a puzzlement look. A conversation broke out between us all and me being me gave them my opinion.

"That woman, "I said thinking of the strange woman that brought us all together, "there was something fishy about her..."

Rose backed me up about the woman, I like Rose and I was beginning to like the others. Somewhere uncertain about everything especially Zack, it was like he just wanted out no matter what and he still was whether he would ditch us or something who knows.

As we began to walk again my own thoughts of the plan crash came to my head. The others seemed to think that the plan crash was threat, destroy us or something like that, that we had the upper hand? However I was thinking something different. What if the plan crash was some sort of a test? Testing our abilities to survive. If the ‘bad guys' where after us then why kill us? Altogether so soon? It didn't make any sense and I hated playing someone else's games.


To say that I was cold would be taking the Ozzie bisect. Curled up in ball facing the fire I couldn't sleep. I needed my diary. I smiled thinking how interesting the diary entry would be. The last thing I wrote was, ‘I feel so alone sometimes, why can't they be more peo'-

I was meant to have written ‘people like me. Why can't I be free to change when I want? I needed something in my life'.

Well looks I'm getting my wish.




The End

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