As a chorus of me's filled the air I suppressed a groan. I guess I didn't have a chance. What was it with people and their attraction to adventure anyways? All it meant was hardship and death. Especially in our situation. Either we killed them or they would kill they had made blatantly obvious. Who were they? I had no idea...some power-hungry morons who thought they could take over the world. 

And this crap about us having to save the world. Who were we to do that? If this guy really was powerful enough to stop the world then what chance did we stand? We were just a bunch of untrained teenagers who had some cool powers. We weren't nearly good enough to even take on a smaller country like Zimbabwe! Let alone a power great enough to take down the combined forces of the whole world! If we just left this alone maybe we would have a chance at surviving...but this was just madness. Almost, I turned around and left to find a way home. But I didn't have one. So I was stuck with this crazy group of people who were too caught up in their heroism and powers to realize we didn't stand a chance. 

I followed the others as we got up and began to leave. As we got up I remembered that I did have a way out of this mess...I had all the money I wanted to from my powers! I had never thought of that before! I could just make a dollar--or 100 dollars for that matter--out of a rock or a leaf! 

Maybe I would just follow them to the city and then ditch. That seemed like a plan to me. It's not like I owed any of them anything anyways. They probably wouldn't even care. With that issue solved in my head I went on in a somewhat lighter mood. Soon though it was very dark and very cold. The sun had gone down so quickly I had barely realized it until darkness had set in. Ice began forming on the ground...this was not normal...the world climate was being effected by all these disasters! 

I began to shiver and as I looked around I realized that everyone else was clutching their hands around themselves...they certainly weren't dressed for this weather. As we went I began gathering up sticks and other bits of random debris. When I judged that I had enough, I held my arms out and watched as the useless stick became a very useful parka. I pulled it on and sighed happily as I began to warm up almost instantaneously. The weather continued to get colder however and people were stumbling over their own feet with a mixture of exhaustion, the freezing temperature, and the dark. 

"Hey! You up there in the front!" I called. "Yeah you! The leader girl!" I called again when the Asian girl in front turned around. "Don't you think it might be a good idea to stop for the night and maybe start a fire? We're all freezing, hungry, and tired!

That earned me an angry glare, but it worked. We stopped right where we were and fire-girl took out her lighter and made us a fire. That solved the problem of darkness, but it didn't solve the problem of the cold because at this point it was so cold that you were either too close or too far from the fire and so you were either burning up or you were freezing. People began to shiver violently as the cold settled deeper and deeper. This could kill us all! I got up and gathered together a huge pile of all the debris I could manage to get. Then I took them and made them all into down-comforters that way people could get more comfortable sleep as well. As I made the fifth one though I could feel my senses beginning to dull. I had never used my power so much before...and it was weakening me. I was only half-way through! 

I struggled through three more, then had to stop before I completely collapsed. I felt sick to my stomach and could barely move--But I had a pile of down comforters...almost enough for everyone...just two missing..."Hey!" I called, hiding the weakness in my voice, "blankets for everyone!"

People turned and stared at me in amazement before coming over and taking one from the pile. Eventually all of them were taken and only me and one girl, the mind-reader, were left without any. I looked at her and shrugged, "I'm sorry...I'm all out of juice..." Was all I could get out without sounding weak. I was careful to keep the reason why out of my head...I wasn't sure why but I just didn't care to have her know that. I guess it was my defensive mechanism...I didn't want her feeling sorry for me or thinking I was some kind of hero or who knows what girls might think of what I had done. I was just helping where I saw need. 

Mind-girl rolled her eyes and went to sit as close to the fire as she dared. I watched as she laid down on the ground and began to shiver. What did I care? There was nothing I could do about it! I didn't have a down-comforter either did I? She wasn't the only one suffering! For some reason I still felt guilty. Eventually I sighed heavily and unzipped my parka...I was going to regret this...I took it off and painfully picked myself up off the ground...I was so tired that it hurt to move. I moved over and stood over mind-girl. Slowly I draped the parka over her shoulders before walking back to my previous spot. I pulled as many leaves as I could gather from the forest floor over me to form a sad kind of half-blanket over myself then fell almost immediately to sleep. 

The End

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