Rose Jackson

"Well I'm no fruit expert but I don't think these are bananas," I said picking a funny root-shaped thing off the tree,

"Sorry it's not my fault cheetahs are colour-blind!" Liv smiled sheepishly, "But hey, I found water didn't I?" she asked,

"I guess," Marcos smiled and scooped some water up in his hand, "here's to new friends," he said before slurping the water out his palm, I looked away in disgust, wasn't there a cup or something?

"Banana anyone?" came a voice,

"I just said they weren't..." I began turning around, but I stopped and saw Zack holding a banana, he launched it at me and it hit me on the shoulder and fell to the ground. I narrowed my eyes and picked it up, I guess that was payback for earlier, I didn't tune into his thought because I didn't want to know what insult he was chucking at me. I peeled the banana and took a bite, "It tastes like foliage," I said to him,

"How do you know what foliage tastes like?" he retorted,

"Well played," I said dropping the banana on the floor,

"Hey, I could have eaten that!" Juliane complained, "They don't taste this nice in China!" I left Zack to magic another one up for her and went to Elliott,

"Do you happen to have a cup on you?" I asked seriously, Elliott started to laugh and then saw I was being serious.

"Oh come on Rose! We're in the middle of nowhere, can't you embrace the situation and drink out your hand?" he smiled putting his arm around me to make the insult sting less,

"Barbarian," I muttered jokingly, but I still didn't take a drink.

"Cagliari's that way," Juliane said loudly,

"How do you know?" Aimee asked, her hand on her hip,

"Trust me," she urged, "I have a good feeling about this." We all followed Juliane out the clearing and through a field to a road; I walked alongside Elliott and Alex who were chatting about soccer or something.  Liv came to my side and smiled amiably,

"We haven't introduced ourselves, I'm Liv," she held out her hand,

"Rose," I smiled back, "how long have you known you morph into animals?"

"I was a kid; it's a long story..."

"We have a while," I said pointing at the road ahead and then lowering my arm because right before us were the suburbs of a city.

"Whoa," Marcos said aloud, "I've never seen anything like this before!"

"Okay then," Elle suddenly spoke, "what's next?!" we all looked at her blankly, and the buzz of peoples' thoughts died down.

"Good question," Antonio smiled, "any ideas?"

"I say we all go back home," Zack said loudly,

"I don't want to go back, not now," Juliane said, "can we not explore a little?"

"I don't want to go back either," Elliott said, "what's there to go back to?" I was surprised by this, but as he spoke pictures flashed in his mind of an empty apartment, both his parents worked a lot and he obviously had a lot of time alone. Well that was my guess anyway.

"That woman," Liv said suddenly, "there was something fishy about her..."

"I picked that up too," I said, "her thoughts were trying to hide something,"

"Hide what?" Alex asked stepping closer, his eyebrows high in anticipation,

"Well I don't know, she was hiding them!" I replied, Alex smiled, "But I'm with Liv, we can't take her word for it that she's good," I leant against the wall, "perhaps the plane crash was intended to kill us?" I said suddenly,

"What?!" Alex asked again,

"I love your accent," I told him, "but please shut-up,"

"Sorry," Alex took a step back and gave me an odd look, I didn't tune into his thoughts to hear his insults either.

I should probably work on making people like me. I thought.

"No, I'm sorry, that was horrible of me. When that woman was talking I had a feeling that she didn't want us around, all I'm saying is that I think the plane crash was trying to destroy us. Perhaps destroy a threat?"

"Interesting," Elle muttered,

"So now they think we're dead..." Elliott said slowly, "so we've got the upper hand,"

"The upper hand in what?" Antonio asked,

"That's what we've got to find out!" Elliott grinned, he turned to the group, "who's in?!"

A chorus of ‘me' filled the air and a series of high-fives followed, well whatever was going to happen, I was excited for it! 


The End

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