Alex Hanson

It was hard to believe that everything that had happened in the past few hours wasn't just some part of a crazy dream. I mean come on, a kidnap, a plan to fight evil, a trip to Switzerland and then a plane crash? 

It was unreal! How could we even be sure whether to trust the one who had brought us together? Kidnapping us wasn't the most trustworthy thing a person could do, right? Who was to say this wasn't some huge trap? 

And what had made the plane crash? Was it just down to luck that we had all survived or was something else going on? I couldn't get the million questions to stop running round my head. 

A Chinese girl, called something like Sing was leading the way through a forest that was apparently in Cargliari. I had no idea how she knew where we were but I guessed it was something to do with her power. 

Behind her, two boys were walking together. Racking my brains, I was sure they were called something like Antonio and Elliot. I had no idea what their powers were, as they hadn't had chance to show them yet. 

Following them, on his own was Zack. I'd tried talking to him on the plane but he didn't seem like the 'making friends' type of guy. Then again, it was a pretty crazy situation we were in. People handed it differently. And he had been pretty impressing when helping some of the others out of the plane. 

Then behind him a girl that I recognised from TV called Rose was walking with another boy. I tried to remember his name, but I couldn't. It was something like Mike or Mark. I felt uncomfortable lingering my gaze on them, knowing Rose could mind read. 

Three girls were coming up last, just in front of me. The one on the right I was sure was called Olivia. She seemed quite loud, but she was very pretty. Her hair was bright blonde, and her skin very tanned. I wasn't sure what she could do yet. 

In the middle was a very small girl, I swore was called Aimee. I noticed that she was holding her arm quite funny, but I didn't want to reach out to see if I could see what was wrong. It would be rude. Plus, if I knew I would want to help and I didn't know whether I would be able to or not. 

On the right was a girl whose name I couldn't remember. I was quite proud of the amount of names I had known. Eight out of ten wasn't bad, right? This girl was also very tanned, but her hair was brown. From what I could tell, she could control fire. Whether there was more to that, I didn't know. 

It was quite strange being with so many people that had powers. Then again, what wasn't strange about my situation? 

I sped up my pace, so I came up level with the girls. 

"Hey, you're Alex right?" Olivia said, as I drew up next to her. I nodded. 

"Yeah, that's right. And you are Olivia? No wait, Liv?" I replied. She laughed.

"Nearly failed then! I hate Olivia." She told me.

The girl whose name had escaped me whipped out a lighter and began playing with the flame. "What is it you can do?" She asked. 

I didn't quite know how to answer. What would you call my power?

"Well, I can kind of heal things, by manipulating my body." I said, shrugging. "I guess I'm destined to be a doctor." 

"I can imagine that's useful!" She said, guiding a ball of fire around her hand. It was slightly disturbing watching her do that, even though I had a power too. 

"Hey, maybe you can help Aimee then?" Olivia asked, grinning. "She was just telling us how she banged her arm on the plane and thinks it's broken." 

Aimee looked up at me. "Can you heal others as well?" 

I shrugged. "I can heal others, yeah. That's how I found out I had this power. But it takes a lot of energy. I could see first what it is and then see if I can do it, if you want?" 

She nodded. "If you don't mind. It's hurting like mad." 

I reached out my mind like I did when I stabbed myself and sure enough it leached onto her body. Suddenly, the forest disappeared and my mind was covered with her biological map. I moved my way down to her right arm, and I soon came across a single fracture in the bone. There seemed to be no other damage. 

Bringing the attention back to my surroundings, I looked up at her. "It's just a break. I know how to do it, but I'm not sure whether I've got the energy to." 

"She's in pain here." Liv said. "You have to do something." 

I bit my lip. What if I fainted again? 

"Okay, I'll try." I said, with a sigh. I reached my mind back out to her body and soon found the break again. Then I began commanding it to fix. The bone began to mould back together and my energy poured into it. Within seconds, it was done. 

"There..." I said, breathing heavily. I stopped and bent over, a stitch in my side. 

Aimee looked at her arm amazed. "Wow. It's fine. The pains gone!" 

Liv grabbed my arm and looked at me concerned. "Hey, are you all right? You don't look so good."

Catching my breath I replied, "Yeah, I'm better than I thought I would be. I told you, it takes a lot out of me." 

"Thank you so much!" Aimee said, hugging me tightly. I laughed. 

"Glad to be of service." I smiled weakly. 

Suddenly everyone ahead stopped. We walked over to the group to see what was going on. 


The End

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