How did she know about my power! Not even my parents knew but some random girl does! What is this? I thought the girl disappeared, leaving me in the strange airport with the other group of teens. I recognized two of them from the news. 

Rose Jackson and Elliott Marshall the rest of the teens were all strangers to me. I assumed that they all had powers though because why else would we be here. Once what I assumed was the last of us arrived, the girl stayed just long enough to give us a the world…or go home. Personally I wanted to go home. What business of it was mine if some weirdo wanted to take over the world? I’m sure someone else would take care of it, they did it with Hitler right? I wanted no part in all that craziness that I was sure would ensue if I joined the stupid fight. I wanted to go home and live like a normal person.

Not to mention the consequences of saving the world. If we saved the world then we would be known by the world, and then we would be more famous than Rose and Elliott already were…and I really didn’t want that either. As it were, I almost did board the plane home…but when the man at the desk started asking people for passports and Rose looked like she had no idea what those even were…typical Californian…doesn’t even know her right hand from her left…I picked up a pile of brochures and transmuted them into passports.

“Here they are,” I said offering them to the man at the desk. I waited impatiently while he checked them.

“How did you…” Rose began to ask.

We haven't all got the same power silly, and mine is - to put it simply - to magic things up, don't worry, you can say thank you later. I replied mentally before quickly bording the stupid plane as soon as the guy at the desk handed me the passports back. I wasn’t in a good mood…in case you hadn’t already noticed…I picked a seat at the far end of the plane and waited for take-off.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is your pilot speaking, welcome to the LA-Zermatt flight. Normally we don’t fly directly to Zermatt but we are doing this on special request so enjoy your flight! Came a voice over the intercom.

Then movie screens lowered from the ceiling as the plane began to taxi to the runway. A short movie on safety and all the other required things on a plane like where the life vests were and about how this was a no smoking flight and how to fasten your seatbelt played. By the time it finished we were positioned on the runway. I opened the window cover and watched as the plane began to gain speed.

I was pushed back a little further into my seat as the front end of the plane began to tilt up and then eventually both ends were off the ground. I had to admit…being on a plane was kind of cool! I had never been on one before so this was all a completely new experience!

After the plane passed the cloud level it evened out and the seatbelt light above me switched off. I looked over and almost jumped out of my skin when I found someone was sitting next to me.

“Hi, I’m Alex,” he greeted me, holding his hand out genially. Ugh. Why was everyone being so…nice…didn’t any of them feel even remotely like me? We were on a trip to some place called…Zermatt…I think that was in Switzerland…in order to meet some random person who would send us out on some grueling and hard quest where me might all die. Weren’t any of them even nervous?

“Zack,” I replied shortly without offering him my hand. I laid back the seat and picked up the pile of passports. Without thinking about how showy it was, I threw them up into the air and made them transform into one of my favorite books. Alex grinned but I ignored him and began to read instead. Maybe if I ignored him he would go away and leave me alone. I was right. He tried several times but I put him off with short, one-word replies untill finally, exasperated, Alex got up and looked else-where for conversation.

Attention passengers, we are now flying over Switzer—the pilot was abruptly cut off by a massive boom. The whole plane shook and then began to tilt downward. I stood up quickly. What had just happened?

As I looked around I saw that the others were reacting similarly. Some stood up like me, others braced themselves against the seats incase something like that happened again. They were the smart ones…it did happen again, and it flung me to the ground. I pulled myself back up into my seat and looked at the window, just in time to see an explosion as something hit the wing…blowing it completely off.

The airplane began spiraling as well as falling. Planes suddenly didn’t seem so fun anymore…I quickly buckled my seatbelt again around my waist and then braced myself for a very rough landing…

It took a couple minutes and there was a lot of feminine screaming while we were still in the air, but eventually we did hit the ground with a huge, bone-jarring CRASH! As soon as the plane stopped moving I got out, thankfully unharmed except for a several big bruises and a big black eye from hitting my face against  the seat in front of me. “Alright, everybody out! We gotta get outta here now in case the engine blows up, or whatever caused the plane to crash in the first place finds us!” I commanded.

There was a series of groans and a couple people got up, but a lot of people didn’t. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even locate some of the people in our newly formed group. As much as I hated being here, especially now, I still didn’t like death, so I immediately began searching for the missing people. One by one I found them and carried their unconcsious bodies out of the plane and laid them a safe distance away before going back to find any others. Eventually, everyone was gathered in one spot about fifty feet from the plane.

Now what? Was written across the faces of those still conscious, some of them even looked to me. I sat down…I had done my part…it was someone else’s turn now, I was the one who didn’t even want to be here in the first place!

The End

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