Rose Jackson

"I guess I'll go first," I said inspecting my nails, "because most of you know about me anyways,"

"Go for it," Elliott smiled,

"I'm Rosalyn Jackson, but y'all can call me Rose. I actually only live half an hour away, my house looks out over the beach. Oh yeah and I can read all your minds. I like to sunbathe, do yoga classes and play volleyball," I turned and caught the eye of a Mexican looking guy, he smiled at me kindly. "I'm studious, loud and confident," I added quickly, "your go!" I said brightly turning to the Mexican, "Marcos right?"

"AZZAH - you can insert what you want to say here. I don't like moulding other peoples' characters too much"

The group continued their introductions but I switched off from the voices and concentrated on listening to their minds, it was more fun that way. By the time it got round to Aimee we realised we had to go, I sent a quick reassuring text to my parents and walked through the terminal.

"Passport please," said a male voice, I looked up at him in shock and raised my eyebrows,

"Here they are," Zac handed us a book which looked extremely like a passport,

"How did you..." I trailed off as he spoke to my mind,

We haven't all got the same power silly, and mine is - to put it simply - to magic things up, don't worry, you can say thank you later. With that he winked at me and strode off, I rolled my eyes at Elliott,

"Intuits eh?" I muttered, "They're so arrogant,"

"What did he say to you?" Elliott asked,

"I'll tell you about it later," I said smiling.  

We all got through security and entered the plane no problem, but Marcos held back. "You coming?" I asked, he sighed and took a few steps up.

"I'm so tempted just to time travel there; it'd be so much easier and less...scary,"

"Planes aren't scary!" I told him, "I promise you," he quickly hopped up three steps and turned back to me,

"You coming?" he asked smiling; I stuck my tongue out at him and raced him up the stairs. On the plane I got my seat next to Elliott with Aimee on the other side, and before we knew it the Californian Plains were disappearing beneath us. I had no idea where this journey was going to take us, and I couldn't believe how brave all the other teenagers were being because I knew I'd never have made the step if it wasn't for Elliott by my side.

But there was one thing I knew, something no one else yet knew and it was that Mr Binks was only a fraction of the problem. I'd read the girl's mind as she was explaining, Mr Binks was involved in an operation large enough to affect the whole world - but there were others. Mr Binks' job in his company was to herd up all possible opposition, because once they became the most powerful human beings in the world; nothing was going to stop them. But I had caught glimpses of other threats, other disasters and I knew that this ‘Jaime' would explain it all once we arrived; the woman had only given us a taster so as not to scare us off.

The problem was, this operation was going to be a whole lot bigger that everyone expected...


The End

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