Elliot: Creepy explains, and it's off to Switzerland!

We all stood, baffled at the mysterious girl who had appeared to each of us. It seemed like we had been at the airport for forever, none of us saying a word. I recognized Rose as one of the girls, and I went to stand beside her. She was the only one I actually knew, though I recognized some of the others from the news.

"There, that's all of you!" The girl exclaimed when she had appeared with another. She pulled off her cloak, and the paleness of her skin caught me off-guard. Her skin was almost translucent, and her eyes her a bright purple colour. Her hair, which had a springy bounce to it, was clipped up out of her eyes. The way she stood seemed important, and I could tell that she was used to being around important people.

"What's all this about?" said the newest of our group.

"I have gathered you all here for a special purpose," she started, her eyes lighting on each of us, and then darting about the hall. I was surprised to see that only a few people lounged about. Then I realized it was very late at night, or early in the morning. Most people chose not to fly at the hour.

"What's that purpose?" Rose piped from beside me.

"I can't tell you very much..." Creepy girl responded apologetically. "I am sworn under oath, and I can tel you very little. It took a lot of working for me to retrieve you guys!"

"So, you've brought us here and you aren't telling us why?" a girl complained.

"No, I will explain a little, if you give me a chance." Creepy responded gently. "Now, you're here because you need to help save us all. A very evil man is hiding out, and is planning on a gigantic take over. Many secret meeting have taken place, and he has made treaties with an numerous countries. The first thing he wants to do is round up you guys, his plan is centered around you. "

"So, you're bringing us to him then!" someone panicked.

"No no no, I am trying to save you." Creepy reassured. "Now, the crux of it is, you have two choices. This evil man, Mr Binks, will hunt each of you down for the rest of your life. He is very capable of finding you, and he will do unspeakable things to you once he finds you. You can either run for your life, and always live in fear. I will not call on you again. However, you may choose to board a plane in thirty minutes, and fly to a remote place in Switzerland, where you will meet a dear friend of mine. He can help you can train to learn to use your powers, and eventually fight Mr Binks. The choice is yours, you can choose to walk away, or fight this injustice. You have been given your powers for a reason, and perhaps this is that reason. Please, help us all. I must leave, I am working to thwart some of his other plans. I will leave ten plane tickets here, they will take you home, or to the plane waiting at Gate 18, and will take you to see my friend, Jamie Perkins. Au revoir!" And with that, Creepy disappeared, leaving us all even more baffled than we had been when she first arrived.

"Well, that was sure something." I commented, and the others agreed. "Well, I know what I'm going to do!" I exclaimed, standing from my seat, and stretching out.

"What?" Rose asked me, her face worried, but also willing. I grinned, and grabbed a ticket from the table,which Creepy had been standing next to.

"I'd rather fight than die." I responded, I picked my ticket up with my hand, not wanting to reveal my power just yet. I handed one to Rose after she asked for it.

"So, you guys up to saving the world, or would you rather be hunted down like a dog?" I asked, trying to make it clear that the right thing was to fight.

"Heck yes!" An Aussie girl said, leaping from her seat, and snatching up a ticket. The rest followed suit, and in the end, we all were armed with tickets, and headed towards our gate.

"So, this is different," One of the guys said. His skin was very tanned, and his accent said that he was South American.

"It's highly suspicious," one of the guys said, I was unable to place his accent.

Once we had arrived, after a bathroom break, the plane was boarding. It was a private plane, and we were the only ones to board.

"So," I said, after we had all settled in a group. "Introductions?"


The End

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