Alex Hanson

I placed the collection of tools onto the desk and sat down. I knew it was absurd what I was about to do, but I was curious. How would I ever know the full extent of my powers if I didn't try?

I sighed deeply, then picked up the knife. The light reflected off it, making shadows crawl around the room. I gulped, staring at the sharp edge. Then I placed the knife to my palm.

Seconds past, but I didn't move it. Could I even do this? What if it was a once off?

"Don't be a chicken Alex." I muttered to myself. I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth, and plunged the knife into my palm.

I howled as pain shot up my arm, and my palm went numb. Blood was splattered everywhere. I couldn't see it - my eyes were still shut blocking tears from escaping. No, it was the smell. I felt faint.

I couldn't pass out now. I stopped breathing through my nose, and the smell disappeared. I opened my eyes, and was nearly sick at the sight. The knife was sticking out of the other side of my palm. I swear I hadn't meant to push it in that far.

Picking up a pillow, I placed it in my mouth and bit down hard as I pulled out the knife. I screamed silently, as another shock of pain went up my arm. I couldn't feel my fingers. Maybe I'd gone to far. What If I couldn't do this?

I stared at my palm, and mentally commanded it to heal. Nothing happened. Blood was pouring out, covering everything. I should have just done a small cut. Why on earth had I gone so far in?

Think. Think. How had I done it last time? I closed my eyes and let my mind reach out. Suddenly, I couldn't only just feel the pain in my palm, but I could feel each individual cell. I could feel the bones that had been dislodged, and the muscles that had been torn.

It was like staring at a map, but in my mind. A map of my body. I knew what I had to do now. Slowly the muscle in my palm started to knit back together. I felt my energy feeding into it, making it heal faster. Within seconds, the pain was gone.

I opened my eyes and stared at my palm. Nothing. Not one little mark. I was healed.

Then I fainted.


"Hey, Kid! Wake up!"

My eyes fluttered open, and I stared up at a figure standing over me. I sat up quickly - which was a bad idea, as I felt very dizzy. My eyes were spinning.

"Who..." I could barely get my breath out to speak. Had healing myself really taken up that much energy?

"Who are you?" I managed finally.

She was clearly female, but I couldn't pick out any of her features. It had gotten very dark while I was unconscious.

"That doesn't matter know. Are you okay to stand?"

Before I could answer, she ahd dragged me by my arm and lifted me up. I swayed on the spot, but luckily I didn't fall down.

Then realisation kicked in that there was a stranger in my room. How did she get in?

"Wait. What are you doing here? Who are you?" My eyebrows narrowed as I tried to see her clearly.

"Questions, questions! Don't any of you realise there's no time for that!" She said, more to herself. Then she grabbed my hand.

My stomach tightened, and my head throbbed as it felt like I was squeezed through a tight tube. Suddenly, a bright light blinded me and I fell to the ground. Though it wasn't my carpet. It was cold marble. 

I was in the middle of an empty airport, with a group of angry teenagers staring at me. Or rather, at her. I turned just as she disappeared again.

"What? Who? Where?" I couldn't speak. How on earth had she done that?

Powers. She could move from place to place, obviously. And I guessed the group before me had powers too. As I looked closely I actually recognised a few of them from the papers.

"Hey, are you all right?" A girl said, hurrying over to me. She bent down, and helped me to my feet.

"No, where am I?"

 "California." A boy said. Then recognition crossed his face. "Hey, you're the one who did the interview right?"

"Yeah I am, unfortunately. What is this? Some sort of hero cult? Where exactly am I? Why have you brought me here?"

The boys eyes narrowed. "We? We didn't bring you here. She did, that girl. Don't blame us."


Just then there was a pop, and she appeared again with another teenager in tow. Then she turned to us all, and smiled.

"There! That's all of you."

The End

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