Xingjuan Chen

I glanced tiredly at my watch...7:30...finally, time to get out of school. I could go home and crash on my bed...I would do the rest of my homework in the morning, I was just too tired. 

I walked slowly home and avoided dad as I went into the tiny two-room house where my family lived. I went directly to bed and didn't even bother changing. The day had been so full with all the earthquakes and even the threat of a possible tsunami, and still they had school! Due to the long day I fell asleep almost instantly. 

"Xingjuan!" I woke up immediately. It was still dark outside. Groaning lightly I heaved myself out of bed. My limbs felt like rubber and my eyes were all gritty but I moved toward the sound of my father's call. He had probably just gotten home. "Xingjuan! Where is that useless girl!"

"I'm here father!" I said as I hurried through the door from the kitchen/bedroom into the living room where father stood. He was still in his work clothes and started at me angrily.

"What took you so long!" he demanded. "If I had had a boy he would have responded immediately! Now go and make me my dinner!" He demanded. 

I bowed and moved back into the kitchen as father sat down on our one sofa. I quickly put some rice in a pan and fried it with some soy sauce then transfered it to a bowl. Then I poured some saki into another, smaller, bowl before heading back to the forward room. I quickly handed them to father before bowing politely out as he began to eat. I retired once more to bed. 

I woke the next morning and found that no one else was at home. As was usuall, mother and father both had to get up early to be at work on time so I was always the last to leave. Just as I was about to leave a strange girl walked into the house. "Come with me," she ordered, reaching for my hand. 

I screamed. She was a very strange girl with white skin and huge purple eyes. The girl didn't seem to care however and just grabbed my arm. For a little bit I felt very uncomfortable, like the air was being squeezed out of my lungs and I couldn't breathe.  When everything cleared I was in a strange airport surrounded by a group of strange teens. I immediately shrunk back and pressed myself against the wall...where was I? What was happening? Was I even in China anymore?

The End

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