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“Aimee where’s your sister?” my mum asked from the kitchen,

“Down the beach,” I replied distractedly,

“I just don’t know how you do it,” Ben smiled taking my attention away from the computer screen,

“Do what?” I asked smiling slightly,

“Know where people are,”

“She told me before she went,” I laughed,

“You know what I mean; you always know where people are…”

“I guess it’s an instinct, or a lucky guess,” I focused back on my essay, it was due tomorrow and I wasn’t even half done. Ben kissed my cheek, I ignored him knowing I’d lose focus far too easily if I made eye contact, he kissed me again. “Do you wanna do this essay for me?” I snapped turning to him,

“No,” he grinned, “I want to do this,” he planted his lips on mine,

“And I want to do this,” I said pushing him away and turning back to the screen, he fell back on the sofa in surrender and chuckled to himself.

“My, aren’t we anxious to finish this work?”

“You know it’s due in for tomorrow and it’s like half my term’s grade!” I reminded him,

“Look I’ll help you,” Ben squashed onto the chair next to me and began to flick through the book,

“Honey, I don’t want your help, this is my work. It won’t be fair if I get a literary genius to help me,”

“I’m hardly a literary genius,” he replied smirking,

“Go have some fun and leave me in peace,” I told him, he sighed and stood up,

“I love you, you know that,”

“I love you too,” I said not turning away, Ben left the room and I put my head down ready to work. I heard footsteps come back into the room; I groaned and sat up,

“Ben! I need to work!” I snapped, he needed to understand we weren’t all scholars and we didn’t all find work a piece of cake. There was no answer, but I felt his presence behind me, I spun round and jumped, it wasn’t Ben.

“I need you to come with me Aimee,” said the woman, she came closer and I back away pushing the chair between me and her.

“Mum!” I called, “Help!” I screamed, Ben rushed into the room and ran at the woman; she flicked her arm and landed a fist in Ben’s stomach. She then jumped forwards, pushed the chair out of the way and grabbed my shoulder.


“Get off me!” I screamed but as I opened my eyes, I realised I wasn’t sat in my study, I was outside and the sun was pounding down on my shoulders. There were a group of children surrounding me and they all seemed as perplexed as me, I stumbled back and trod on someone’s foot, “sorry,” I muttered.

“Take a seat,” said a boy, he stood up and offered his chair, I took it willingly,

“That was weird,” I mumbled, “where am I?”

“California,” a girl answered, “at least, that was what I was told…” 

The End

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